Portrait of Cecilia Lam.

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<p>Although I’m currently an undergrad at SF State, I am not a student by heart. However, I am an adventurer, a learner, and I grow and take something from every person I meet. I want to write so I can learn – in addition to the large, defining factors – the little things about the people around me that I otherwise would not ask. I wish to one day write for Sunset Magazine as a food and wine writer. I want to tell the world about the people their favorite recipes are coming from, not just tell them recipes.</p> <p>I’m the Online Managing Editor for Golden Gate Xpress. That means everything you see here, in front of your eyes, I helped get here.</p> <p>I come from Crescent City, Ca., a small town of a few thousand people and a few thousand more redwood trees. I currently live in San Francisco.</p>