The California State University Board of Trustees voted to raise student tuition 22 percent, and SF State students were asked to share their thoughts on the matter. We asked what students would tell the CSU Board of Trustees if they could say anything about recent tuition hikes.

Cindy Waters
Carrie Nelson, 28, is a senior at San Francisco State majoring in health education. Photo by Cindy Waters.

“If I could say anything, I’d say that in an economy like this, it’s hard enough for people to afford school anyway, so deterring people from getting an education is counterintuitive because educated people are the ones who are going to fix this economy.” Carrie Nelson, 28, senior, health education.

Cindy Waters
Shannon Siggins, 20, is a senior at San Francisco State majoring in art. Photo by Cindy Waters.

“All I have to say is that before they make decisions on behalf of the college students, they should have put themselves in the shoes of the students.” Shannon Siggins, 20, senior, art.

Cindy Waters
Stefanos Krenteras, 25, is a senior at San Francisco State majoring in industrial arts. Photo by Cindy Waters

“It’s not a pleasant thing to have your tuition raised, but there is a bigger picture behind it. Everyone has to make compromises.” Stefanos Krenteras, 25, senior, industrial arts.

Cindy Waters
Elaine Zhang, 20, is a junior at San Francisco State majoring in accounting. Photo by Cindy Waters.


“I get financial aid so it doesn’t affect me a lot but I have a lot of friends who it affected. It’s weird that they raised tuition a lot but they cut classes too. Now I can’t get into the classes that I want.”  Elaine Zhang, 20, junior, accounting.

Cindy Waters
Rachel Hinde, 17, is a freshman at San Francisco State majoring in Spanish. Photo by Cindy Waters.

“I wish we were informed earlier that our tuition could be raised. Maybe if you told us when we applied that tuition could be raised at least we’d know.” Rachel Hinde, 17, freshman, Spanish.

Cindy Waters
Mikael Miller, 20, is a junior at San Francisco State. Photo by Cindy Waters.

“I don’t like the decision because it affects all the students at SF State, but I guess I’m just lucky because my financial aid gets raised too.” Mikael Miller, 20, junior, unknown.

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  1. Cut back on the SFSU-Masterplan, its the cause of the waste financially….since 2000 the purchase of Stonestown and UPS have caused the financial drain on SFSU by inappropriately utilizing money for education, and playing “developer” and hiring design consultants and planning staff.

    this is the waste, its in the ivory tower of corrigan….

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