In the midst of the genesis of the Occupy SFSU encampment, Xpress reporter Spencer DeVine asks a small sample of students, what they think this gathering will accomplish.

Footage by Gil Riego Jr.

Interviews and produced by Spencer DeVine.

2 thoughts on “Occupy SFSU: What will it accomplish?”

  1. Wow…profound. Not. As a student at SFSU, I am glad there are people who are willing to take the time to camp out as a means of protest. What surprises me is that more of us aren’t out there, or that rallies are not being held every day. As our tuition goes up and up (and at the most convenient times–right before a new semester and after students have accepted admission) we continue to allow this to happen without a peep! I know there are some students who make their voices heard, but for the most part, we are allowing this to happen.

    Like any movement, when enough people show up in support or boycott that which they are protesting against, something will change. We cannot continue to let the CSU system treat it as if it were a machine. The education provided at SFSU has been a huge eye-opener for me. Teachers cancelling classes, giving up at the end of the semester (as is the case for me and my fellow students right now) and an administration who is sitting pretty is just sad. We can do better than this, but no one will do it for us. Rage on Occupy SFSU.

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