February 2012

Frederico Villalobos Walter Parenteau Joe Kloythanomsup Kim Geron Rachel Stower Lauren Stower Sheila Tully Sadaf Malik Siraj Shabber Jocelyn Palenco Ann Robertson James Quesada Evelyn Mendoza Salma Elshakre Zachariah Barghouti Stephen Georgiou Alejandro Murguia For Federico Villalobos, the factors that led to his participating in the Day of Action could no longer be ignored. "Why am I walking out? You mean aside from

[caption id="attachment_23488" align="alignleft" width="251" caption="Illustration by Sara Donchey"][/caption] We can no longer afford to tolerate the apathy that has stagnated social movements on this campus. Consider the actions surrounding March 1 your invitation to get out of your seats and reclaim your educational benefits that have been