After heavy rain and a low student turnout, the March 1 Day of Action activities seemed to fizzle out as quickly as they had begun.

The day’s events were led by both Students for Quality Education and Occupy SFSU, and the majority of the activities were held inside the Cesar Chavez Student Center and in Malcolm X Plaza.

SQE also lead a march of about 60 students around campus encouraging students to walkout of their classes and fight back against the budget cuts and tuition increases. Following the march students headed downtown to continue the planned Day of Action for Education events at San Francisco City hall and at the California State Building.



One thought on “BLOG: March 1 Day of Action at SF State”

  1. When is someone going to take on the establishment in the student government? They force students to pay fees so that they can hire former students as permanent staff, they allow undocumented immigrants to fill on campus jobs that should go to students, and they create duplicate programs within ASI in order to justify hiring more of their friends. Laptops that were bought with ASI money go “missing” and no one says anything about it. Money is spent on furnishing offices and expensive “retreats” for ASI members. The corruption and cronyism within the student government is obnoxious and should not be tolerated.

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