Riding the wave of dubstep’s rising popularity, K Theory has found its niche in the Bay Area electronic scene. They frequent small clubs such as EPR, but found their way to the Annex at SF State.

Dustin Musser, one-half of K Theory, is excited to have a platform for his eclectic beats and melodies. K Theory’s music has received recognition and praise for its originality in a sea of similarity, which stems from an interest in a wide range of musical genres from classical piano to grimy warehouse-worthy beats .

Musser, who usually performs with Dylan Lewman, played a set at SF State’s second annual Rhythms Music Festival presented by ASI April 27.

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  1. Duston emits such raw energy! I just started making my own music (with Dr Drum) and i always seem to drift towards a similar style. Hopefully I’ll reach the same level some day :D

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