The Fashion Blueprint: Ditch those ugly UGGs

October 27, 2012


The Fashion Blueprint: Ditch those ugly UGGs

It’s beginning to get colder out there and it’s natural to want to keep your feet warm, but remember — UGGs are just short for uggly.

For some reason, girls continue to wear UGGs and strut around in them like they’re wearing Manolo Blahniks. News flash: UGGs are a failed fashion faux pas. Wearing sweat pants tucked into them looks like you walked off the stage from shooting a scene of Big Brother.

Sorry, save the boots for when you’re at home.

According to retail analyst Sam Poser of Seeking Alpha Consumer Interest, the average consumer often takes their cue from opinion leaders, such as celebrities. For those of you who haven’t picked up a magazine in a while, the vast majority of celebrities stopped wearing UGGs years ago.

“I used to wear UGG Boots back in 2010, but I don’t anymore since my style has changed,” English literature major Kortney Stern said. “It’s so interesting to see that people still buy and wear them and that it stayed in fashion. I would never stick my feet in those again.”

Never mind the comfy aspect — let’s have some class, people! And when I mean class, I mean not wearing skirts or shorts with your UGGs. Send the boots back to the sheepskin farms they came from.

“Even if they weren’t made from animals, I still think the style is hideous,” SF State graduate student Marguerite Campbell said.

Sure they keep your feet warm during the winter, which is something all San Francisco residents need help with. But it’s better to endure the weather than to receive the icy cold glares for fashion failure.

There are thousands of boots to choose from. This season’s boot styles run the gamut. Grab the tall flat boots with the almond toes or the stacked heeled shorties.

If you’re a fan of fringe this fall try some moccasins. But if you’re feeling less fancy, do the cork wedge tie-up booties.

UGG Boots have been ridiculed for being the ugliest, most out-of-style footwear ever made, despite their popularity. Those who choose to wear them will have to answer to the fashion police.

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