President Leslie E. Wong shakes it with hundreds of students for Harlem Shake video shoot


SF State students jumped into the Harlem Shake for a second time in an attempt to outdo the trending videos flooding the internet — but this time they were joined by President Leslie E. Wong.

Hundreds of students gathered at Malcolm X Plaza on the SF State campus at 2 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 22 to shake their stuff. On Feb. 16, The Swamp, published a blog post challenging the school president to shake it along with students in SF State’s second rendition of the viral video.

President Wong then countered the challenge with one of his own and after the trending hashtag #ShakeItWong received more than 100 tweets, President Wong stayed true to his word and shook it — on camera.

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  • How embarrassing that students at a respected CSU with a long and storied history (Ethnic Studies anyone??) can only get organized for the Spectacle. How embarrassing that Xpress trumpets this as a news item.

  • I’m a reporter for Xpress, so I’m obviously inclined to agree with our actions… but I will say that as a community newspaper, our news needs to strike a balance of informative and, well, fun.

    If you’ve ever read the “Richmond Review,” the “Marina Times,” or the “Ingleside Light,” you’d realize that a newspaper for a targeted community usually has items that are a mix of hard news and local community interests.

    In short: just relax, okay?