Editor’s Note: There is some graphic content in the videos posted in this article



Videos courtesy of Nick Morris and Natasha


Several non-residents were arrested and forcefully removed from Mary Ward Hall at SF State this evening after a fire alarm was set off in the dorm.

At around 7:30 p.m. residential advisers on the second floor screamed for students to evacuate the building after a homeless man pulled a fire alarm according to second floor residents Miranda Gonzales and Kenneth Anyanwu.

Students were evacuated from the building and shortly after a protest of about five people ensued in front of University Housing Business Office, according to witnesses.

Protesters chanted “What law was broken today?”

The homeless man and other non-residents were invited to a room earlier that evening. Tiffany, an SF State student who lives in Mary Ward Hall, had invited them to her dorm room.

“The reason (the police) knew where they were is because one of my friends walked to the (designated smoking area) to ask for a cigarette,” Tiffany said, refusing to give her last name. “One of the cops saw them walking out and started banging on my door.”

Tiffany said the San Francisco Police Department had followed her and her friends from their commune at Capitol Avenue and Broad Street and were on campus looking for them.

There were about eight to ten non-residents who were “welcomed guests,” according to junior psychology major and Village resident, Luis Garcia, who spent time with them briefly before the alarm was pulled.

“All we know is that it is some sort of Occupy demonstration,” said Albie Esparza, SFPD public information officer.

Yellow tape surrounded the area between Mary Ward Hall and University Housing Business Office in the aftermath of the evacuation.

Police escorted a man in a stretcher wearing a plastic bag over his head from Mary Ward Hall, and loaded onto the back of a SFPD vehicle. Plastic bags over the head are usually used to prevent individuals from spitting on officers.

An SF State officer was injured during the arrests.

SFPD responded to calls, but no information regarding the incident has yet been confirmed.

Golden Gate Xpress will continue to cover this situation and release more information as it is uncovered.

Update: 11:09 p.m.

University spokesperson Ellen Griffin told Xpress unauthorized people were in Mary Ward Hall and campus police responded. There were five arrests made, but the charges are unknown. One University police officer was transported by ambulance. Mary Ward Hall is now open for students with a school ID.

131 thoughts on “Protest breaks out after arrests at SF State”

  1. ”What law was broken today?” ??? are these kids seriously protesting and chanting this?…well let me tell you a few of the laws that were broken. im a sfsu student and i live in the village dorms; however, the same rules and laws apply to all dorms at sf state. number 1: these non-residents are NOT allowed to be on campus housing. #2: the video shows that they are clearly resisting arrest (so girl that recorded the video-i really want to meet you to show you what “not resisting” looks like) #3 rumor is that there were drugs involved. and if the police was following them from a non campus location, then that clearly shows that they were targeted for doing something wrong. plus sfpd is trying to protect us, so why be against them? about 2 weeks ago there was a bomb hoax and students were complaining that the school was not secure. now this happen and action is actually taken, but they’re still complaining?

    1. Yenny, chiming in with blind obeisance to those with a badge and a gun. How’s that brown shirt fitting?

      1. Well said Yenny.
        I am not even a dorm resident, and if I lived there I would be concern. It’s ridiculous that some of us cant even comply with a simple arrest. You getting arrested for a reasonnow stop acting like morons.

        1. You would be resisting arrest too if you challenged the status quo. You know what they do when they get you alone? Beat the ever-loving shit out of you. And that’s exactly what they did. You might think that’s because of resisting, but in the videos you clearly see subdued individuals being pounded in the ribs while cops yell “stop resisting!” to complete the effect for the cameras. Another favorite: pushing someone around so they can’t stand on their feet without looking like they’re running around. Looks great on camera, just like resisting…

      2. You and your Occupy buddies are the Brown Shirts, Matt. The Sturmabteilung were homosexual, drug addicted, progressive, postmodern socialists who disrupted opposing political functions and caused anarchy and chaos using violence and intimidation.

        These SDS allied Occupy terrorists, who were in possession of drugs and are rumored to have had guns, stabbed a police officer. These Brown Shirt scum had just been evicted from a private building that they were illegally occupying and using as a drug house/ base of operations for their MOVEON.org group for 8 months. You can see them resist arrest and attempt to steal officers’ guns on the video!

        Quit screaming “police brutality” and “excessive force” like the harpies in the videos. The police used minimal force.

    2. Well said Yenny.
      Even if you’re wrongly accused of something you have to comply and go along with the arrest, answer their questions, and you’ll be set free. That’s how the system works. If you act like a moron, try to fight and run, then you’re going to have a hard time and will certainly get booked for resisting and possibly battery.

      Being arrested just means your being stopped and questioned. Doesn’t mean you’re going to jail or being convicted of something.

      Police did their job and in a professional manner. Obviously these kids were way out of line and hopefully get to spend some time behind bars to realize that they’re adults now and need to act as such.

      1. The spin doctors are really at work on this one…

        For SOME people, getting arrested is like being stopped and questioned. You’ve probably never been homeless? You’ve probably never stood up for your rights? I’ve been stopped and frisked at DP on my way home and just for not letting them search my bag they threatened to make some shit up and 5150 me (throw you in the gulags of the loony bin). Before you tell me I should just let them search me, it’s my right to say no when I’ve done nothing wrong. Stop talking like you know whats up when you just sit at home hating everyone you’re told to hate by the TV. Get out in the world, live a little, you’ll see whats really going on. The news is one of the least accurate representations ever – all the more so for mainstream news.

  2. That second 1:15 video is very telling of society today. Police violence happening before the eyes of college students, who are standing by passively and chuckling. Prime time cop shows have done their job well in desensitizing us to police violence. I mean, peep those cops grinning while their mate has their knee on the neck of a handcuffed person. “First they came for the communists, but I said nothing as I wasn’t a communist..etc etc..”

    1. Really? As a SFSU student, you want to agree with Yenny? Yenny who bases their statements on factually incorrect assertions and rumor mongering? Yenny who makes veiled threats at videographers? Yenny who believes that the presumption of innocence can be suspended because…well I’m not really sure why Yenny believes this actually. Yeesh, the standards at a California State University sure have slipped.

      1. big words for such a misinformed and misguided youth. The police were doing their job, if you actually bothered to read the housing agreement then you would realize their presence in MWH was not allowed. Reason enough for them to be arrest/escorted off the premises. SFPD is probably the mildest of the police departments in the nation, please provide us with actual PROOF that the SFPD was abusing their power as well as the arrested, because from what I, as well as the majority of the people watching this video, can tell their force was justifiable as was their use of a taser. Please take your conspiracy theory elsewhere, it’s not welcome here.

        1. I actually did read the housing agreement. Guests are indeed allowed within SFSU on-campus housing. Yenny stated, and I quote, “number 1: these non-residents are NOT allowed to be on campus housing.” Is there some unspoken, unwritten, agreement that a specific group of non-residents exists, who are barred from SFSU, and that “these” non-residents are part of that group? Of course, SFSU has the right to revoke the privilege of any guests. But yeesh, what Yenny says here sounds like Jim Crow South. And Monique, the proof is in the pudding. Slamming a handcuffed person to the ground, and holding them down with a knee to the neck? If that’s cool with you…

          1. “Housing & Residential Life staff reserve the right to deny access to any guest whose behavior is
            deemed inappropriate.”

          2. Thanks Sara. I’m not quibbling SFSU regulations though. I am, however, concerned about Yenny’s comments about “these” non-residents. It sounds suspiciously like “these” people. But hey, if SFSU doesn’t promote critical thinking, I’m not sure these are fields for fertile discussion.

        1. No, the hippies would’ve shown these antiAmericans what “excessive force” really means. These pukes are radical Marxists and obviously have sympathy for fellow criminals.

  3. im not making any threats to that girl. or all saying is that the 6sec mark (top first video) clearly shows the guy trying to get away. and all of my statements are correct. the only one that i said was a rumor was the one about drugs. (2nd video shows how the guy in blue and black is making harrassing gestures to police officer. 28sec mark) he also keeps saying “i am a guest”—> sfsu has the right to kick them out and call the cops on them. they do not belong in the dorms if they are not residents. little girl? then what is she doing on a college campus?….the point im trying to make is that students complain when police enforcement is not used but they also complain when it is being used.

    1. The man was clearly resisting arrest in the first video and anyone doing so is ASKING to be taken down. You can’t hope to escape with 3 officers on you. If you’ve done nothing wrong the least you can do is cooperate and have a mature discussion to argue your innocence. Seeing as how he was attempting to flee, he must have done something wrong to invoke the authorities.

      Sadly, the man in the second video lives in this world: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afzmwAKUppU
      But AS A GUEST, you are inclined to oblige to the rules of your host. Section 1.20 of SF State University Housing, 2012-2013 Student Housing License, Terms & Conditions, Part 3 – Housing Facility Rules and Regulations states “Housing & Residential Life staff reserve the right to deny access to any guest whose behavior is deemed inappropriate.” If the homeowner says you’re inappropriate and you have to leave, there is no room for arguing. Instead, the man in video 2 should be shouting, “I’m an UNWANTED GUEST!”

  4. Guessing Matt didn’t take the phil110 class huh?
    That logic makes no sense.
    Yenny makes the great point that laws have actually been broken. they should not have resisted arrest and done it in a clean manner.
    Matt, just feeling rebellious against the big man huh?
    You’ll join the dark side eventually, haha just teasin’.

    1. Have you ever been to court? If someone is trying to take you away from a little get together with your friends to put you in a cage and force you to go to a series of courtroom proceedings where the honest truth is stricken from the record as irrelevant and honest passion is called contempt of court, where everyone speaks jargon and that jargon barely gives you room to explain in real terms what is going on, would you really just calmly let them take you away? Makes no sense to me. I sure hope there are people hired by the police department posting half of these comments. Matt seems to be the only talking sense.

      1. I have been to court, and when you break laws you should be arrested. Period, case closed.

        1. I hope you “self-arrest” yourself next time you break the law. Save the cops the hassle ya know? Case closed.

  5. Anyone attacking others adding to this conversation are blatantly rude and does not help the defense of your opinion.

    As of right now, the general student body does not know exactly what details have caused this event, we can only speculate at this point and voice opinion

    I do not condone unnecessary unjust police violence. I also do not condone heckling police officers who are doing their job.

    What I do believe in is following the due process and use your words to shed light on the situation to show their arrest was incorrect, rather than acting like a young child in addition to resisting.

    1. I agree with you, Elaine….And I have read information about this incident, and see pictures and footage, but I can not understand what it was that happened, or why there were so many police officers present.

      1. Cristina,
        I spoke with some CJ graduates about the whole “why are there 5 cops for someone getting pulled over?” Basic answer is backup and safety. Basically, no one, even police, can tell the future. If someone who just got pulled over, suddenly pulls a gun, there are cops to back up the original officer. From interviews, this is basic protocol for them.
        The multiple cops usually signifies to citizens to not fuck around when hella cops are around. haha

    2. Elaine, we can’t have it both ways. Either the police were unjust and violent, or they were doing their job. Or maybe that is their job, to be unjust and violent?

  6. dear Matt, you are dumb these are a bunch of neo-hippies and crust punks that deserve no defense. I’m not taking some sort of anti-anarchy point of view, I just know (not think) these people are the scum beneath the toes of the world. I’m glad their commune got broken up also so the M won’t smell as bad and there will be less seats taken up by their backpacks that extend 2 feet back.

    1. Just think, SFSU gave us all Ethnic Studies. Too bad DOV is sending us right back to 1967.

  7. I’ve been an admin at several non-California colleges and universities and get a real kick out of the holier-than-thou reactionary student comments here. Give me a break.

    My first job — at (sorry) a much better school than SFSU — usually entailed at least one day a week (Monday and some Tuesdays) dealing with dorm alcohol, drug, and guest infractions. Every. Single. Week. For three years. Any school with several large dorms will invariably involve dozens — and I mean 40, 50 — arrests or write-ups by RAs or campus security, from September through May.

    College students bring guests in and out of dorms for drugs, sex, and god knows what else on a nightly basis. (Boyfriend or girlfriend from State U., someone met a a bar, etc.) That is, for those of you pretending not to know, part of your college experience. Believe me, if I had a magic wand I’d eliminate it in a second and keep everyone but you and your books out of your dorms, but that’s not the way you choose to live. We’ve tried to crack down and you won’t allow it. Deny it all you want, but you know what dorm life is like. Throw legalese around, but the morality is despicable, and your admins loathe you for it, especially when you come crawling into our offices with halos over your heads and dad the lawyer on speed dial just in case the university decides to get a little tough on you.

    This guy was targeted because this had something to do with “some sort of Occupy demonstration” according to the SFPD public information officer. If he was a drunk star athlete you can bet at least one student or more would have gone after the cops. This person was singled out because of who they are.

    It’s nice, though, to see you all quoting chapter and verse of a handbook when your entire college life is an effort to dodge it by any means necessary. You must have had to blow the dust off of it from under your bed before posting here.

    1. Agreed. Its a little fishy. I’m honestly wondering if these comments are by students?

    2. Steve, despite the fact you are an admitted authority figure, I think you’re a swell chap.

      1. Matt, I left the game a few years ago. Youthful mistake out of college to take those jobs. I’m on the other side now.

        1. And what side is that? Being a janitor mopping cum off the floors of strip clubs on broadway?

  8. The use of tasers is almost entirely unregulated so for anyone to trip about that is a long road to march. I see this as a totally mishandled situation. They are young cops and usually the younger ones tend to use as much enforcement as they feel is necessary and theyre the ones to usually call out on it because they are inexperienced. With that said i dont see how Yenny has an argument at all when using inadmissible information like rumors or gestures that could result in hostility. I also dont approve of DOV and his comment because its not only offensive but ignorant. These cops could have just like sat them down cuffed instead of sitting down on him while hes cuffed.. Idk young cops, they usually dont know how to handle situations and this looks like it went wrong which i hate to see cuz i honestly love sf and the environment at state.

  9. The part i cant seem to shake off tho is that there was a hobo among them.. That makes me almost want to believe that there was drugs because most hobos in sf are either schizos or crack heads

    1. Or philosophy professors. See, that’s why we need a positive ID. It might have been Saul Kripke on campus for a visiting lecture.

    2. By “hobo” I assume you mean “a homeless individual” right? So before you deplore DOV’s comments, you want to check your own. You may be surprised at the number of homeless students, attending classes and achieving good grades. Really. I think this rag has even profiled a few. And drugs? I bet a lot college students are drug users. From illicit drug use to legal drug abuse, it happens a lot on college campus. Smoking doobies after class, to popping adderalls for that all-night study sesh. But hey! Thanks for being a watchdog of ignorant and offensive comments…

      1. A hobo is a migratory worker or homeless vagabond, especially one who is penniless. Quoted from wiki so i have no idea what youre entailing trying to correct me. And yes drugs might have been involved because of a HOBO being there and this is obviously a conversation thats gonna lead up to all of us shutting our faces because, well hopefully at least, they release more information. Usually hobos carry crack or something cheap and potent thatll just get you that high when youre sitting around itching for one. Im sure they saw a young student in the middle of the inappropriate group they singled them, immediately calling out and pointing the finger “Oh homeless person guys! there’s a homeless person here!” no im sure it was a random im guessing older hobo?

        1. Youre like trying to discern between calling a female chick or girl. its like wtf is your point. stop being emotional about the situation and start thinking. ok students use drugs as an argument that there shouldnt be police brutality. OK but if there seeing and smelling drugs then thats a pretty inappropriate situation and any police officer would ask them to leave. and the brutality leads up from resisting. yeah its a little much i still dont take either side because of that but who are you to criticize anyone? youre just stating the obvious and pointless. @Matt

          1. Uh, yea friend, words matter. Your words display a particularly careless manner of viewing the world, such as generalizing homeless folks as crack addicts, along with some pretty in your face misogyny. I know I am stating the obvious by calling it out, but sometimes it’s just plain necessary to do so.

    1. Now here’s a story that makes me feel uncomfortable to be on campus. How many students could have their tuition paid for if this husband and wife tag team of administrators and police officers wasn’t defrauding SFSU????

  10. LOL so I guess this Matt guy has a lot of time on his hands, huh? Seems like he has some control issues, trying to change everyone’s point of view to his own, and telling them they are wrong when they think differently. He’d be a model tyrant if he were ever empowered.

  11. What I would like to know is what is this connection to Occupy? Why is that deemed important enough to follow these people to a dorm if that is what they are doing? And if so I have seen some police brutality at demonstrations which makes me ask is it what these people were doing that caused the arrests or preconceived notions?
    We live in a time where authority figures want to keep a firm hand on the public while we struggle economically and stay isolated within out own problems. I’ve seen police brutality but I’ve also seen people make a situation worse for themselves when confronting police. That’s what I see here.

  12. I used to go to this school for a while. Pretty crazy. But yeah must have caused some trouble like refused to leave when asked. Thats all I can speculate. Ok so the Taser was maybe a little rough, but they didn’t need to thrash about and go crazy like a child having a tantrum to be honest.

    1. Curious if a taser was indeed used. If so, no police force in SF is authorized to use this weapon.

      1. Sounds like you need some more fact checking, Matt.

        SFSUPD and BART PD are fully authorized to have tasers and operate within SF county limits.

  13. grow up, get a job, get a life, have a family and have your children in SF State at the Mary Ward Hall with this happening and THEN tell me “it’s ok for strangers to be roaming around for no good reason other than they were “invited” in…

    1. So if you invite someone into your home, the cops can beat them? Are you nuts? Your kids are more likely to get killed by a cop than a terrorist. That cop will then get paid leave and you will be left with your illusions that the state cares about your security.

      1. i guess…that depends on whose side your on right? cuz this will always be an issue…

      2. another thing…i don’t recall the cops on UCDavis campus being exonerated for their performance. Last I heard, they were fired, but the Chancellor rules on. As far as the state goes, they have their own agenda and always will. My point is strangers in the dorms and they shouldn’t have been there.

        1. it sounds like your point was lost in transition. Davis = more affluent community combined with students, while having a low poverty and homelessness rate. Bay Area = mix of incomes, backgrounds and homelessness. Homeless are people, too, right? We all deserve a safe place and roof over our heads. If they were “welcome guests”, what’s the big?

          Maybe if you got your head out of the affluent Davis sand, you’d see these students were implementing what no SFSU education could give: compassion, kindness and concern.

    2. Renee, you are espousing the exact same logic that the administration used to justify the pepper spray incident at UC Davis. The exact same. The scary bugbear of “non-affiliates” on campus, interacting with “our daughters”.

  14. Fight Back! TODAY 2pm Malcolm X Plaza SF State

    Peeps at the SFCommune have experienced more State violence and repression in the past 48hrs… imagine being awoken at 7am Wed at your squat by SFPD Tac Co. brandishing live ammo assault rifles (28 detained, 3 arrests,) to then be chillin the next day in a friends dorm room at SF State when pigs accuse you of trespassing and then taze or repeatedly crack your ribs (6 arrests, 3 hospitalized, & 1 Pig.) The SFC needs all of our support and solidarity! Fuck the criminalization of existence! Fight Back! WE CAN NOT ALLOW OUR FRIENDS & COMRADES TO FEEL VICTIMIZED!!!


  15. Reading all these comments are making my morning haha. Simple, don’t RESIST and you won’t get HURT. If that idiot was screaming and moving around police wouldn’t of had to pin him down. Then after it’s called police brutality when they do pin him down. In my opinion if cops started to punch and kick him, that would be police brutality but this is just doing their job. It could of been a calm situation but the students and their friends caused it to go that far.

    1. I knew a guy who was in court last year facing charges of “Resisting Arrest”. What was he being arrested for? Nobody knows.

  16. Police beat people in public to scare them. Then the ones that got scared try to scare the ones that didn’t get scared with pro-violence ideology? Anyone that sides with the police is a coward and lacks academic integrity. Isn’t at least one history class required on this campus, resistance is what makes the world turn, not obeisance to slavery.

  17. A resident thought it would be a good idea to take in about 10 squatters, and their dogs in her dorm after the place they were living in got raided. They were caught with a substantial amount of “drugs” and one of them had an unregistered gun that he pulled on the police after they told him he had to leave.

    Students are allowed to have guests at sfsu housing but are required to show proper documentation of registration of the guest. The guest must be registered at the time of entering the building and must inform the RA and the roommate sharing the room. That being said the girl probably did not follow procedure that pertains to the contract that each resident signs at the the time of move in. There is also another policy that pertains to fire code with the occupancy of no more than 5 people in a room including the actual residents that live there.

    There is also a no pet policy in university housing.

    As for the drugs, housing is a drug free and so is SFSU state because it is federally funded and students aren’t even supposed to smoke MJ on campus because of this. Of course other “drugs” are prohibited.

    Guns. Another story.

    Thought this might help all of you to be informed.

    1. Who are you? Can you corroborate your claims? I mean, whatever, no one cares about SFSU housing regulations, so don’t quote those anymore. But your claims about these individuals and their actions are just claims at this point. As students at an institution of higher learning, we insist that your present your evidence and cite your sources.

      1. As soon as you present evidence of all your claims, all of us will too. You first, we insist.

      2. “no one cares about SFSU housing regulations”

        Clearly you don’t, but many others care about their safety and security. Maybe if these punks followed the rules, they wouldn’t be in this predicament. Much like folks who whine about getting fare evasion tickets when they could have paid the fare to begin with.

  18. haha in the first video the girl said she lived there and someone told her she didnt. There goes her cred. Looks like someone just wanted to make a story…oops

  19. OCC. This needs to go to the Office of Citizen Complaints- that appears to be an SFPD officer with badge hitting the man in the ribs.

  20. Anyone who sides with the police is a coward and lacks academic integrity? realllly…hahahaha.

    1. Considering that SFSU built it’s reputation and academic integrity on fighting SFPD…anyone that sides with the police is indeed a coward.

  21. ooo my !! All these comments that applaud the police without any critique ,reminds me how this university does not truly teach critical thinking skills to its students.

      1. Then why do you go to the school if you have so much hatred for it? Maybe you should go someplace subscribing to your anarchy beliefs

  22. For those of you who have such distrust of police, who do you call when a crime happens? So you’re saying we should go to anarchy and that’d be better?

    1. Several comments up, commenter pixplz posted a story about a SFSU police officer committing crimes against the university. Hrm. Who do we call indeed????

      1. No, that was a legitimate question for you, Matt. Who do YOU call when your stuff is stolen, fight breaks out or you feel threatened, since you have such distrust for police?

        I’m waiting to hear this one and without your typical snide remarks.

        1. I’m not sure I understand why it’s improper to voice my distrust when those whom we trust to safeguard society are the criminals. I thought it was a good thing that this university was teaching me critical thinking. Help me out Jill!

          1. You’re missing the point, since you’re so stuck in your anti-cop tirade.

            I’m guessing when a crime happens, you just call together a protest or bunch of your occupy gang to solve it?

      2. Hey Matt, fact check time! Did you even read the article before spouting off your cop hate? It was a dispatched, not a police officer. Hmm.., sounds like your paranoia is getting the better of you.

  23. Police have long oppressed our youth, the poor and homeless. We’re all one accident or layoff from homelessness. Have compassion. I think all the posters supporting police could use a critical thinking skills class.

    Furthermore, if this was a person of color getting arrested all you guys would be whining racism. Likely it’s one of you folks who are complaining because you’re trying to turn the tables on supposed cop racism.

    You guys can’t have it both ways. Grow up. Grow a pair.

    1. Most of these homeless protesters should have no problem bailing out. Most come from well off families in So-Cal. When they finally decide that claiming to be homeless is no longer the in thing around campus…it’s right back to mommy and daddy. Yo quiero teta

  24. So you get booted out of a SF church and come to the university to crash I dont think so. You are non-students, drunk in public or high on narcotics and then you want to cry when your contacted for acting like jackasses. You have no responsiblity for your own actions and just want to cry and claim some bullshit movement “Occupy” when you are just homeless and strung out. Keep your filth off of our campus and should you return you will be joining the others in county jail. As for the SFSU students that want to provide them shelter then you can give them your parents address and they can move in with you their. See how long that lasts.

    1. Hey better yet, how about if you became homeless due to unforeseen circumstances? Maybe we should lock you up, too rather than show kindness and compassion?

      Karma’s a *itch, my friend!

  25. I don’t understand what you expect the police to do? When a suspect starts running are they supposed to stand and watch? The answer is obviously no. Its their job to make arrests. So, they grab him and he still trying to get away. What do you? Do you allow him to squirm out of your grasps? No. You put him on the ground, and try to handcuff him. Unfortunately, he’s still moving around, and resisting, and you can’t handcuff him. The last resort tasing. Unfortunately the world isn’t as exciting, and glamorous as so many cynics believe it to be. Its just a world full of people doing their job. The cops agenda believe it or not is not to oppress us. Cops are just people(I know crazy!). My dad has worked for the police force for forty years, and I can assure you he’s not evil. As for the campus police in specific. Awesome people. One gave me a ride home, when I was drunk. Another talked to me about sports when I was smoking a cigarette. Sure they aren’t the nicest in situations like this, but how can you expect them to be with people that openly hate them, and resist them. Is that professional of them? No. But like you, and I they have emotions, and feeling that bar them from being perfect.

    1. If cops were “peace officers” as their titles state, perhaps they could engage in peaceful deescalation? Psych wards have been streaming to restraint free.

      Bottom line, more talk. Less aggression. We all win.

    2. Given that police officers are vested with the sole authority to use violence in a dispute, I’m exceedingly wary of any argument against police brutality that ends with a excuse for a lack of police professionalism. Remember, cops can kill you to resolve a dispute with you. You can’t kill a cop to resolve a dispute with them.

      1. Haha! Now your anti-cop sentiment is really out to show! You really think a basic argument will allow a cop to kill you? C’mon! This isn’t a video game. There’s internal affairs and also tons of people now you tubing.

      2. It doesn’t matter if your wearing a uniform. An unlawful killing will result in a trial. Police accountability is stronger than ever. As Jill was alluding to, the internet and the wide availability of electronics( most notably camera phones) has made police actions easily accessed, and viewed.

        1. The “good ol’ boys” then retreat back to the station and give each other high 5’s for the day of good work. Whoever got the most blows in gets the drinks. You see, machismo seems to be the name of the game.

          And josh, you’re likely jealous of uniforms because the only uniform you wear is a janitor’s where you’re mopping cum in a whorehouse.

  26. It’s amazing how quickly these “homeless” kids got bailed out. Poverty tourists always reach out to their wealthy families when things get too real.

    1. How timely of “someone of color” to chime in that yet again, “the man” is sticking it to them. Yak

    2. Really, Joe? Bailed out? I visited these “homeless kids” yesterday at Country Jail #2 and they most certainly have NOT been bailed out.
      Bail is set at $111,000, btw.

  27. Oh, and Matt relax. I don’t know if it narcism or anger, but this whole putting people down for having a different opinion is really unbecoming. Its a discussion, not a verbal beat down. People will disagree with you, and you should use those moments to learn, and better your self, rather than ridiculing people for exercising the 1st amendment right. Oh, the irony.

    1. You have your opinions and I have mine.

      My first amendment opinion says you should eat a di*k. But perhaps that’s what one has to do to survive and pay off their SFSU education…

    2. Josh, there’s obviously two Matt’s. It’s pretty easy to pick up on that from tone. I’m always happy to learn, and not tell you to eat a… well anyway.

      1. Always happy to learn to eat a dick?

        Sounds like you’re always happy to learn indeed! Shows by how you slam people on not agreeing with you.

        Maybe you wouldn’t have this much hatred for cops if you weren’t doing anything wrong? The only interactions I have w them are good because I’m not doing anything criminal. Hmmm…. Go figure

        1. But unfortunately Jill under his logic our opinions don’t matter, because of the fact that we work hard, and keep ourselves from the breaking law. Its really convenient that the only opinions that he seems to find valid are the ones who have the most animosity for the law.

          1. I fault your opinions because it involves brown nosing pigs followed by an open mouth salute for them on your knees.

        2. Jill, if I have hatred for cops, it surely comes from empathy towards the experiences of folks other than myself.

          1. Your one hell of a tool Matt. I hope your occupy ass gets shot standing up for your made up bullshit rihjt

  28. Isn’t normal policy at SFSU for an RA to ask a person (or persons) to leave before calling the cops? And if the cops are called, isn’t it usually the University Cops?

    What warranted action by the SFPD? Why were these people being targeted?

    1. Who are you? Tactical command?

      Maybe it was a “cop competition”? See who was first to make an arrest and win a dinner of donuts for the night.

    2. Because of the serious nature of the criminals involved most likely and the fact that their crimes originated in SFPD’s AO (Area of Operation) or jurisdiction.

  29. These pukes look just like the Occupy guys who formed a lynch mob and tried to forcefully evict my friend from his dorm for being Jewish. I heard that they had guns and drugs on them on top of their other crimes. These scum are borderline terrorists and are the real Brown Shirts. Anyone defending them is criminal who sympathizes with other criminals. Actions speak louder than words, even words screamed by criminals on their recording devices. It is typical for scumbags to commission crimes and then record their victims in an attempt to gain “street” support regardless of their guilt. SF State is full of violent, druggie, criminal, thieves and this month of May is their Marxist month of violent disobedience.

    1. Marcus, it sounds like you’re whining away. One wonders if you just are that much of a loner that friends wouldn’t have your back if something unjust happened to you. With the pot calling the kettle black, perhaps your internal knowledge of this drug action stems from you not getting invited to more “smoke outs” because you’re a limp dick at the party.

      1. Matt, your personal attacks highlight your lack of any logical position.

        My friends have proven themselves and we have busted up your illegal activities on several occasions, leaving you to cry to the administration.

        If we were to discuss how much more I know than you do or how little you know in general or how much you think you know but really don’t, it would take an eternity.

        Go drown yourself and stop making global unwarming with your CO2. The citizens will not tolerate your grievous behavior much longer and you will be forced to correct yourselves soon enough.

        1. “You will be forced to correct yourselves soon enough”

          Well said in cop compliance language, if I do say so myself. Well done. Now go back to nursing that cop salami. You sure earned it after all that big noise, big boy.

  30. You are correct DOV, but you don’t even know the half of it. These crusties are part of a criminal organization which is officially allied with the terrorist SDS. Their buddies tried to blow up a bridge in Cleveland and their local group has been violently attacking students on campus for more than a year.

    As I am the senior ranking counter terrorist here, I will not submit to the “jargon”, so ironically invoked, talking points, or buzz phrases of Matt, Scott, or any other terrorist/criminal sympathizing scum. They ironically embarrass themselves talking about civil liberties while denying the rights of the legal dorm residents to remain safe and unmolested by invading Occupy thugs.

    People like Matt voted against the civil rights act, and rejoiced the Dred Scott decision. These radicals want to take us back to 1918 and the birth of the Eugenics movement or back to when their god Woodrow Wilson re segregated the federal government and military.

    SFSU gave us the Black Student Union and it’s long list of terrorist attacks on schools and police. The status quo is uncivil disobedience and unAmerican activities. If you see an Occupy scum feel free to evict them by grassroots activism. Get your buddies and neighbors to stand up to them and let them know that their criminal and violent activity will not be tolerated.

  31. Marcus, it sounds like you and your kind is trying to pull off reverse racism. Interesting how if these folks were Black, any contact with the police, even when warranted is grounds for some lawsuit. Take for example even Oscar Grant’s cousin who recently pointed a gun at police and got shot and HE has the nerve to sue? Now the difference between your kind and the folks in this video as well a Occupy in general is we don’t have weapons and no, we don’t point them at cops either.

    1. By the way, if you pay attention to the news lately, Chicago, LA and Philly, amongst just a few cities have gotten hit by a raunchier type of Occupy – groups of teenagers and young adults senselessly beating white people in the streets and robbing stores.

      So now you tell me who’s terrorist/criminal scum.

  32. All these posts (esp from Marcus) show how affirmative action’s gone wrong. We have too many people like Marcus who can’t even write out English, let alone have a desire for a job. Daily activities probably incl eating friend chicken, watermelon and blazing out at the house. A culture where having a job, not having baby’s Mommas and not being home all day are extraordinary.

      1. Josh: it sounds like you need to take that hot beef injection out of your mouth and ears. Time to wake up, pussy boy.

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