Look no farther for great local food in the Bay Area — homegrown, organic fruits and vegetables from local farmers within a 250-mile radius will be brought in for an all-vegetarian, zero-waste “Farm to Fork” at SF State.

[/media-credit](From left) Tyler Wescott, Audrey Janner, Sahar Navid, Morgan Kelley, and Michael Todd of ECO Students add straw to garden beds at the community garden behind Mary Park Hall Sunday Sept. 15, 2013. ECO Students began growing vegetables and herbs behind Mary Park Hall after learning that the planters were not being used. File photo by Ryan Leibrich / Xpress
The Environmentally Concerned Organization of Students (ECO Students), in conjunction with the Sustainability Office, will host the 5th annual “Farm to Fork” lunch event, where all the food provided for the lunch will be sourced from within 250 miles of campus — including SF State’s local community garden behind Mary Park Hall.

“Farm to Fork is our chance to highlight sustainable food production in our area and to educate people about where their food comes from. We want to show people that it is possible to find delicious locally sourced food,” said Nick Kordesch, the sustainability coordinator.

Farm to Fork is a four-course lunch that will be held in the Malcolm X Plaza April 17. This event will promote sustainable food production and local organic farms.

“It’s a way to connect the farmers and the food to the consumer and try to raise awareness about the importance of having locally sourced food, in terms of saving a lot on energy and transportation costs and also supporting local farmers and local economies and try to build a strong, local community movement,” said Tyler Wescott, the president of the ECO students.

Chartwell’s Dining Service on campus is responsible for arranging how the food will be transported to campus, preparing the food and setting up the event. The food will be bought from the local farmers, and either the farmers will bring the fresh food to campus or Chartwell’s will make arrangements to have a company go pick up the food for the farmer.

Sonoma, Central Valley and Sacramento are just a few of the areas the food will be sourced from. Kordesch and others in the Sustainability Office are still finalizing the list of farmers who they plan on working with this year.

“We like to participate and partner with the University when they do things that are near and dear to them that have to do with food. We’re all about food and if it’s local, the more the better,” said James Dame, the senior executive chef of Chartwell’s.

“Ninety percent of the labor we use is students on campus that we hire,”  said John Penner, the associate director of Dining Services.

April 17 the lunch will be served at three separate sitting times: 11:15 a.m., 12 noon and 12:45 p.m. Two-hundred tickets will be sold; 50 of those tickets are designated for SF State students and the rest of the tickets are available for anyone else who wants to attend. The tickets will be $8.

“The event is a nice time for the campus community to take a break from their busy schedules and come together to enjoy a delicious lunch,” said Kordesch.