New ASI president looks forward to her future effect on students’ lives

Immediately following the resignation of the elected Associated Students Inc. (ASI) president, fellow board members expressed their support of Vice President of Internal Affairs Sara Padash stepping in for the job.

Sarah Padash, ASI President, poses outside the Malcolm X Plaza on Monday, Sept. 8, 2014. Ryan Leibrich / Xpress.

Sarah Padash, ASI President, poses outside the Malcolm X Plaza on Monday, Sept. 8, 2014. Ryan Leibrich / Xpress.

“I think she’s the perfect person to fill this role and be the face of this organization,”  said Phoebe Dye, ASI board of directors member. “I have 100 percent confidence in her.”

Padash nominated Dye, former Representative at Large, to fill her vacancy as Vice President of Internal Affairs and the board confirmed her appointment Sept. 3, during their weekly board of directors meeting.

In the face of these new transitions, Padash said she considers former president Kenneth Collins as having played an integral part in shaping her as a leader and continues to keep a close relationship with him.

“Kenny and I worked very closely together,” Padash said. “Not only did I see him as a colleague, but also a friend. My relationship with him has remained strong and I consider him a mentor.”

Padash has a history of community involvement before college where she assisted freshmen as they adjusted to high school life and raised money for athletes with disabilities. She saw ASI as an opportunity to continue her passion for student government.

“Being a very active student in high school, I wanted to continue my journey of student advocacy in college,” Padash said. “When I first came to SF State, I became an intern for the Board of Directors of ASI, which showed me what a great organization this is and the ability it has to really advocate for the students of SFSU.”

Padash is currently majoring in Health Education, and hopes to further her education by pursuing a career in nursing after she graduates.

Her devotion to student government was solidified when she won the seat of Vice President of Internal Affairs during student elections in 2013, which she would later secure again with a successful re-election campaign earlier this year.

Business major Atzay Perez was unaware of ASI’s new leadership, but credited the organization for their past work in providing students with resources.

“My only suggestion would be more involvement in school,” Perez said. “Make students more aware of the resources they (ASI) offer through social media, conferences and word of mouth.”

Although it is uncertain what surprises this school year holds for SF State, Padash reassured students that she, along with the rest of the board of directors, would continue to work diligently for the University’s students.

“At the end of the day, all of us within ASI are here to serve the students,” Padash said. “That will continue to be my main goal during this upcoming year.”

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