Increased class offerings and financial aid options will transform summer session 2015 into a more complete semester, similar to spring and fall, as detailed in the upcoming March 17 schedule.

Starting in June, the University will offer summer session as a state-supported term rather than through the College of Extended Learning. The shift will allow the school to offer more courses and financial aid options, according to Senior Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management Jo Volkert. Student input played a role in the decision to make this change, Volkert said.

“Feedback from students often showed that they wished more courses were offered in summer and at a lower cost,” Volkert said. “The new state-supported model responds to this need.”

The change was a campus-wide decision stemming from a Student Success and Graduation Initiative aimed at raising graduation rates. The University will offer 600 courses in five-, eight-, and ten-week sessions, which is about a 20 percent increase from last year, Volkert said.

Summer tuition fees for undergraduates will be the same as Spring Semester at $1,768 for part time and $2,917 for full-time students.

More options for financial aid will be available during summer session, according to Associate Director of Financial Aid Jimmie Wilder.

“Many students will be eligible for the State University Grant this summer as long as they enroll in at least part time units,” Wilder said. “Any additional financial aid (loans or pell grant) will be what the student didn’t use during fall or spring semesters.”

Students approved for the grant who enroll in seven to 12 units will have their full-time fees covered by the SUG except for a local campus fee of $181.

Students walk next to the statue that sits between the Administration and Business buildings at the northeast end of the SF State campus Wednesday March 9. (Martin Bustamante / Xpress)

Students walk next to the statue that sits between the Administration and Business buildings at the northeast end of the SF State campus Wednesday March 9. (Martin Bustamante / Xpress)

Senior Maia Estropia said she did not take classes during summer session in the past because she couldn’t use financial aid.

“That’s a lot to cash out for a summer,” Estropia said. “If financial aid covers it, it will open it up to a lot more people. I have one more class to take, and if I could knock it out in the summer, that would be ideal.”

Senior Samantha Wooton said she chose not to take summer classes in the past because she questioned their worth.

“I want to get the most out of my time and get the most for my money, and I think the classes offered during the school year are better quality than during the summer,” Wooton said.

Business major Miles Smith said it is smart to give people the option to take classes year-round.

“It’s pretty much like the comparison to a 24 hour fitness – why close a gym when you can just get in better shape 24 hours a day, at any time instead of just taking a summer off,” Smith said. “It offers students more options year round.”

Director of Advising Francisco Castillo said once the summer schedule is released, students can receive assistance with class selection at the advising center. Students can begin registering for summer courses on April 6.

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