Trump’s racism kills his presidential potential

September 14, 2015

Trump’s racism kills his presidential potential

While other 2016 United States presidential candidates downplay their opposition to illegal immigration, Donald Trump isn’t afraid to bring his racism and negative assumptions about immigrants to the forefront. In order for Trump to win the Latino vote, he needs to change his mindset and instead positively and genuinely engage with the Latino community.

Many people want to cross the United States-Mexico border because they dream of a better life for their families and more diverse educational opportunities for their kids, but Trump has continuously painted immigrants as criminals and degenerates.

A pollster working for Sen. Marco Rubio’s campaign predicted that Republicans will need 40 percent of the Hispanic vote to win the 2016 election.

During the 2012 presidential race, the Hispanic electorate accounted for 8.4 percent of total voters, according to Law Street Media. Although this number doesn’t seem significant, and isn’t when it comes to the popular vote, Hispanic voters make up larger portions of the eligible voting population of key electoral college states. Eligible Hispanic voters account for 40.1 percent of eligible voters in New Mexico, 27.4 percent in Texas, 26.9 percent in California, 20.3 percent in Arizona, 17.1 percent in Florida, 15.9 percent in Nevada and 13.2 percent in New York, according to the Pew Research Center.

Despite the growing number of Latino voters, Trump has continued to judge Mexican immigrants. The moment that Trump categorized Mexican immigrants as “rapists” in his presidential announcement is the moment that he lost the majority of the Latino vote.

NBC cancelled their relationship with Trump in June in the wake of Trump’s comments and dropped his produced shows with the network, including “Miss Universe,” “Miss USA” and “The Apprentice,” according to Business Insider.

Trump met privately with Javier Palomarez, the CEO of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, at Trump Tower Sept. 2 in Manhattan. Palomarez told CNN in an interview after the meeting that Trump said he “did not need” the Hispanic vote, referring to his high poll numbers. Trump denied ever saying this, telling CNN’s Don Lemon, “No, I never said you don’t need the Hispanics. I think I am going to win the Hispanics. I never said that.”

Despite what he thinks, Trump will not get the Latino vote. Trump has said that he is in favor of deportation and he wants to take away birthright citizenship for children born to parents who came to the U.S. illegally, according to Fox News.

Trump is also in favor of building a wall along the border and kicked Jorge Ramos, a respected Mexican journalist, out of his press conference in Ohio Aug. 25 and told him to “go back to Univision.”

Trump’s racist comments about illegal immigration and his anti-immigrant positions have cost him crucial support among the Latino population. President Barack Obama won 71 percent of the Latino vote in 2012, according to the Pew Research Center. Judging from the GOP candidates’ positions on immigration issues, especially Trump’s, the Democratic nominee will likely win the Latino vote in the general election in 2016.

Trump’s comments and behavior compromise the GOP’s attempt to reach out to Latino voters in the 2016 election. Even worse, his rhetoric builds a fallacious image of the Latino community in the United States that no one should stand for.

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  1. flattaxman

    Millions of Americans have no reservations as me about Donald Trump. My vote and everybody I know has confidence in the man who speaks his mind. My analysis of his character is that he just spills the truth of what has happened to the United States? He pulls no punches as the Bush's and Clinton's have to say. These Professionals standing behind their podium and staring down at the hidden teleprompter, following the words like credits on a movie screen. Mr. Trump caught my eye after an old Black friend of mine across the road, a Veteran from the Vietnam war told me to come over an watch Trumps commencement speech. The specifics of any given issue wasn't there, but he had a lot to say and had the exceptional ability of captivating the crowd in the first debate. Everything Trump had to attribute to American Peoples issues, was what every American was thinking? Trump a formidable ally of the American people is going to be resented by both sides in Congress. The top hierarchy have tremendous influence, power and they don't like their nest eggs disturbed. The elitists in the so-called Club of Growth doesn't like the interruption in their special privileges that are afforded to the really rich. I hadn't heard anything from any other of the presidential candidates about assisting the soldiers who fought in the different wars. but Trump immediately gained my respect, when he stated that Congress was treating returning warriors as 3 class citizens and that was one of the major problems, he would change immediately. Going after dangerous criminal illegal aliens and gangs was another serious cause that had to be disinfected as with 'Sanctuary Cities'? This was the first time that either my friend or myself could remember a Businessman tycoon who was willing to take on the Professional class in Washington who supposedly run our country for the American People. Since then I have watched Mr. Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina who are limited in how to handle the illegal alien invasion--and that's what it is--an invasion. As they are still crossing the Southern Border and a large number of them are carting drugs, more poverty and even diseases that haven't been so prevalent for years. The US Border Patrol Council says that only 40 percent of overall enforcement is happening at the border. The fact is that we suffering from an insidious Administration headed by Obama. This President has refused to stop the illegal alien incursion with even more impoverished, uneducated foreigners. Its commencement began with Obama revisiting the Rule of Law, and signing numerous executive orders, condemning American people to an even larger the price tag. In his opening oratory Trump said he is going to build a wall; later saying that wall, that nobody could easily climb over, a physical deterrent as could be seen between Palestine and Israel. From what I have seen of his impressive, magnificent buildings in Manhattan I have no doubt he can build a structure to hold back illegal nationals? King Obama has done nothing to secure America. Senator Ted Cruz has illustrated that he has a mutual agreement with Trump about the monstrous issues that confront the Citizens and permanent residents equally each day. He has stood alone against both parties and Congress and has no yielded to bad bills. Trumps greatest asset, unlike the rest of the crowd that will appear today he has turned away the pestering assemblage of lobbyists, that work for the mega corporations and manufacturing. All want their share of the giant profits cheap labor and future votes bring? That is something the Professional class of politicians or even Ben, Carly and those who will be standing on the stage have to rely on for their campaigns. Trump is spending his own money; the Special Interests have already tried to buy his favors, but they sent on their way and out of luck? When you are a billionaire you don't have your hands tied behind your back and have to be extra careful who you might offend? I pity the career politician who makes a personal attack on Trump. He has been out in the world and knows how to reciprocate any insults. None of the nominees today are willing to have an answer of the illegal alien intrusion on our society. But that is not the only demanding issue facing our great nation. In most cases its a path to citizenship after being vetted. Which it was anything like the first Amnesty, we are in big trouble. American people must decide if we are going to be a dumping ground, for any poor person who wants to settle here? Mr. Trump no need to confront the Anchor baby law. Instead revise the E-Verify law and amend it so its no longer a choice? If E-Verify is Mandatory and every employer must take part, then states as California overloaded with illegal aliens will be forced to serve the US citizens and honest lawful immigrants. Every employer who is found culpable for hiring illegal aliens or already in the workforce must face harsh punishments, and multiple felonies would send you to prison. This is the key problem for our country. Places as Southern California are overwhelmed with people who have violated our borders; within the County some places are no indifferent from a third world country. This is why there must be an emphasis on Birthright Citizenship and the term 'Anchor Babies'? The other in the race for grabbing the White house are far from eager to speak out on the subject. But Trump has from the start sent a fusillade through the airwaves about this shunned subject. Its cost with the illegal alien invasion is over $113 billion dollars a year, minus what taxes some foreign nationals pay. But it cannot make up for this unspeakable cost to taxpayers or the 40 billion in dollars, that leaves the country in remittances to other countries. This is money no longer circulated in America; this is just the tip of the problematic iceberg, that remains unseen just lurking below the fiscal surface? Do you realize their is so much fraud with child tax credits for illegal aliens, that the 4.7 billion dollars would pay for the Donald Trump wall and decorate it with concertina razor wire. All that money could strengthen our military that Obama is decimating, cutting back to prior World War 2 levels. Our national Security is at risk with our 3 armed forces falling behind of China and Russia. At first Mr. Trump was limited to give in depth understanding of the Domestic and Foreign consequences of our dampened down Security at the border, not knowing who was coming in? Today its more important than ever with the crazy butchering ISIS terrorist waiting for a gap in our national security. I see just this few troubling issues, that can be resolved and as Trump sates, "Make the World Respect us again". Now that Trump is well on the way to becoming President, I see him becoming less on the offensive and displaying signs of becoming more placid. He will become a perfect statesman for our nation, with a business shrewdness, tough authority to renegotiate all the poorly assigned free trade agreements treaties, specifically with Mexico, China and Japan. A more benevolent tax system where everybody is equal with an fair assessment of taxes for the wealthy, corporations and businesses. Since the Beginning of the Obama administration America has been falling into financial ruin, with the disbursement of citizen monetary benefits to foreign parasites, who see US citizens as a free provider for their families and relatives using CHAIN MIGRATION.

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