For the first time since 1992, the fraternity Delta Lambda Phi has resurfaced at SF state. What started as a small idea between a select few students has grown into a nationally recognized organization. They are now known as the first gay and progressive men’s social fraternity on campus at SF State.

“Essentially our goal is to create a brotherhood like all the other fraternities, but we really feel like creating a home for the large queer male population at SF State,” said Kyle Mears, Delta Lambda Phi’s president.

While Delta Lambda Phi is currently known by their sexual orientation, Mears says they welcome students of any orientation, with the only requirement for membership being that the student identifies as a male.

Though it has taken nearly a year to gain recognition, the members of Delta Lambda Phi are pleased to finally be considered an acknowledged national organization alongside the others.

“We first started the process of the whole colonization last January; this is our first real semester at SF State,” Mears said. “We just got recognized a couple weeks ago so it hasn’t been an easy process, but it’s been really fun.”

While Delta Lambda Phi may challenge the traditional fraternity molds, they embody all of the core elements of Greek life such as gender exclusivity, recruitment, administration, and secrecy.

“Were kind of redefining Greek life in a way,” said Austin Farley, a Delta Lambda Phi fraternity member. “We’re just a group of diverse queer people standing at a table willing to welcome anybody,” he said.

For many students, finding a crowd on campus can be a difficult task. Newly added to the list of recognized student organizations, Delta Lambda Phi could be that safe haven.

“For those people who cant go out and experience queer life in San Francisco, it’s really important for them to feel welcomed and at home at SF state,” Farley said.

Other students in the Greek system are speaking out in support of Delta Lambda Phi.

Lauren Lee, a member of the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority welcomes the idea of a fraternity aimed at the LGBTQA community.

“I’ve met some of their members and I’m excited to see what they can do on campus,” Lee said. “I think they’re a much needed presence on our campus.

The Greek community at SF State is welcoming Delta Lambda Phi with open arms. What started out as a group of few males is slowly growing into a significant brotherhood. With membership rising each day, Delta Lambda Phi is looking forward to an extensive future here at SF State.

Delta Lambda Phi members Joshua Villegas (left), Kyle Mears (middle), and Salvadore Giannone (right) tabling in Malcolm X Plaza at SF State, Tuesday, Feb. 2.
Delta Lambda Phi members Joshua Villegas (left), Kyle Mears (middle), and Salvadore Giannone (right) tabling in Malcolm X Plaza at SF State, Tuesday, Feb. 2.