UPDATED: Video of Student Center argument goes viral

March 29, 2016


UPDATED: Video of Student Center argument goes viral

video of an argument between two people in the lower level of the Cesar Chavez Student Center started gaining traction online Monday.

The video, titled “SFSU 2016 – Campus employee assaults white student for ‘cultural appropriation,'” shows the student, Cory Goldstein, arguing with Associated Students, Inc. intern Bonita Tindle over Goldstein’s dreadlocks.

The 46-second clip shows Tindle trying to physically pull Goldstein back into the conversation as he leaves and Goldstein physically pushing Tindle away.

The video went up on a YouTube page accredited to Nicholas Silvera on Monday and had garnered more than 90,000 views and 2,000 comments at the time of publication, less than 24 hours after it was posted. It has since been reposted on YouTube twice. The original video also sparked a debate on a 4chan board called “Politically Incorrect.”

The Golden Gate Xpress will update the story as more information comes in about the video and those involved.

Update: SF State has provided a statement regarding the video:

“We are aware of the video made of an incident which occurred on campus yesterday afternoon. University police were called to the scene of the incident when it occurred. The two individuals involved in the incident are not San Francisco State University employees. Further, no criminal charges have been pressed at this time to the University’s knowledge. 

San Francisco State University promotes the rights of the campus community to engage in free speech, but does not condone behavior that impedes the safety or well-being of others.  We are taking the matter seriously and will promptly and thoroughly investigate this incident through applicable University channels, including our campus student conduct procedures.”

Update: Goldstein said in a public Facebook post that he won’t be pressing charges against Tindle but he did file a campus police report about the incident.

Update: The woman in the video has been identified on Twitter as Bonita Tindle, an SF State photography student and media intern for Associated Students, Inc. An earlier version of this article referred to her only as the woman in the video.


  1. iamcuriousblue

    I find it odd that this story names the victim but does not ID the perpetrator. That seems the reverse of usual journalistic practice. Second, I think this piece downplays what actually happened - if you listen to the beginning, she asks her friend (who's not a mere bystander here) for some scissors, apparently to do an on-the-spot haircut on Goldstein. That's a far more serious assault than merely trying to "pull someone back into the conversation". Third, there are reports that the perpetrator is an employee of Associated Students of SFSU. If this assault was being done on behalf of student union policy, however misguided this lady's interpretation, that's also pretty serious.

    • whatever

      The other issue is what seems to be an assault (grabbing the phone) on the photographer.

    • matt10023

      He had it coming because of the way he looked. You know, blame the victim.

    • WarOnMugs

      Presumably they ID'd her after you posted this?

      • iamcuriousblue

        That's the case, yes.

  2. Braun Baer

    Her name is Bonita Tindle. Her own damn name is cultural appropriation. This is what happens when the campus allows racial pride rallies. Bad business.

    • Bob

      I'm confident Critical Race Theory immunizes black people against claims of cultural appropriation. Lulz. How a political belief system as corrupt as Scientology became a "scholarly pursuit" is exhibit #1 why our colleges need a complete overhaul. (FWIW, Norse Vikings wore dreadlocks so...)

    • Bob

      So is her nose ring. Sigh.

  3. MileHigh

    Bonita Tindle should be arrested for physical intimidation and making threats.

  4. Jay Steremy

    I think it's funny as hell when the ultra progressive, snot nosed, PC and social justice warrior crowd starts turning on their own, like sharks eating their young.

  5. Chris M

    Bonita Tindle is a racist and bigot this girl does not belong on any Campus and should not be a member of media intern for Associated Students of SFSU what is that a Hate Group...?????

  6. goobie

    So, they are now saying that she did this because he called her btch. But, that is just hearsay. The "bystander" is probably her accomplice David Spain who is trying to exculpate himself. He is an accessory to assault and he knows it. He said "her struggle had been going on for a while" meaning Cory knew what she was trying to do, corner him and browbeat him over her racial issues. He was trying to avoid her for obvious reasons. She's been doing this for a while. Bonita Tindle was an employee and she should be banned from that campus. Also, her accessory David Spain stands by smiling while she threatens Mr. Goldstein with harm via a pair of Scizzors while David Spain stands by smiling. David Spain works for LYRIC which supposedly helps LGBTQ youth as a Gay Educator. David Spain has no business educating anyone least of all vulnerable kids seeing as he is a racist. Everyone should call Lyric which is located on Collingwood in San Francisco. Executive Director Jodi Schwartz can be reached at If he is not removed, a boycott of Lyric should start immediately. I suggest everyone call Lyric and demand David Spain be removed from his job and any relationship with Bonita Tindle cease ASAP. Take Action now, Fight Racism

  7. KC Schultz

    Please sign and share the petition to make sure she does not get away with her actions. Please help make sure this type of behavior stops:


    He needs to press charges. That's the only way anything is going to get resolved.. Don't be surprised when they sweep this under the rug.

  9. Ogre Magi

    I heard that at the SF newspaper online a woman said Davia Spain (the guy in the trench coat) accosted her in Dolores Park for being white and carrying Central America bags. Lectured her about appropriation of their culture, then found her online and attacked her again. Did this really happen? Has any one got a link to this post?

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