Associated Students, Inc. hosted the sixth annual Rhythms Music festival featuring Kehlani, Moxie and the winner of the battle of the bands competition, Faux Foe Fox.

Three events led up to Kehlani and Moxie’s performances: a Battle of the Bands, a battle of the DJs and a music symposium.

Four bands and five DJs competed for spots during the main performance. Bands and DJs also won up to 500 dollars in gift cards. Competitors in the battles were all SF State students.

The winner of the Battle of the Bands was Faux Foe Fox, a math rock band. Other bands included 3rd & Army, White Skies, and My Evergreen Soul.

“We just have never been placed in a situation where we are competing with our music. But it all ended up real cool. We bonded over the experience,” said Leslie Ngo, the lead singer and guitarist of Faux Foe Fox.

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The Julian Shipp Quartet perform during jazz night in The Depot at SF State Tuesday. April 26,2016. (Screenshot by Chris DeJohn/Xpress)
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