March 2017

Politicians and activists came together for the Cesar E. Chavez Mural Celebration to discuss a plethora of issues concerning activism and community involvement on Thursday afternoon. Forty to 50 people in Jack Adams Hall watched closely as panelists talked about voting and legislation. San Francisco Board

[caption id="attachment_76600" align="alignleft" width="391"] [media-credit name="Lizzie Cotterell" align="alignleft" width="391"][/media-credit] Graphic courtesy of Lizzie Cotterell[/caption] Within the first few weeks of President Trump’s administration, it was reported by Democracy Now that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement made over 600 arrests in 11 states, including California. San Francisco has

If you’re in the mood for healthy food with a South American twist, head to “the top of the hill” in Daly City to fill your stomach without emptying your wallet. [caption id="attachment_76391" align="alignright" width="346"] [media-credit name="Lee Kin/Xpress" align="alignright" width="346"][/media-credit] Irene Canales, daugther of Mission Edge Cafe