Car vandalized with racial slurs in Park Merced

Residents of Park Merced crowded around a black Nissan Murano that was heavily vandalized and marked with racial epithets. All but one window was smashed, all four tires of the car were slashed, the car stereo was stolen and derogatory terms were keyed into the hood.

Hazel Jackson, the owner of the car, and her son were shocked when they got to the vehicle to see the destruction.

“We just moved into the neighborhood in February,” said Jackson with a bewildered look on her face. “We don’t have a problem with anybody.”

Jackson said she parked her car at Juan Bautista Circle last night because there wasn’t any available parking in front of their apartment.

A Park Merced Community Patrol officer said she reported the vandalism to her supervisor this morning, who then called the police to report the vandalization. 

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