Finals can be the most stressful time for a student during the academic year. During this time, it’s possible for a student’s attitude and demeanor to shift. Due to the stress and constant cramming, finals can also have the power of changing the way a person dresses.

When attaining such a heavy workload, the impact can affect the way a student decides what they want to wear to school and how they choose to look.

For most SF State students, staying comfortable during finals is the main priority.

“Finals season can be extremely overwhelming; my energy is definitely depleted,” said Kimberly Garcia, a SF State cultural anthropology student. “I feel like my outfits get comfier during finals.”

Garcia, 22, already views her style as being chic and comfortable, but during finals, her comfort level increases and she doesn’t tend to worry about what to wear.

“During finals, all my attention and energy that’s left goes straight to essays and studying for everything. I just kind of toss on whatever that’s more on the comfy side, like sweats, joggers and light jeans.”

Babe Truco, a theater arts major, has her very own selection of comfort clothing that looks good on her and that she wears frequently when stressed.

Truco, 19, attributes her self-confidence to the way she dresses and spends most of her time styling and putting outfits together. Even though finals takes a toll on Truco, her interest in fashion still comes through in her everyday appearance.

“I like to wear outfits that look good when I’m overworked or overwhelmed,” said Truco. “I still care about how my outfit looks, especially if I’m going to class or out, but I think my comfort clothing is also somewhat fashionable because I do want to look good and feel good.”

Many students associate finals week with specific articles of clothing. Pieces like leggings, joggers and sweatshirts are usually the first items of choice. For others, clothing in general is the farthest thing from one’s mind.

For Cherokee White, also a theater arts major, the main priority is getting to class in the morning and getting finals over with.

“I only dress with effort if I have somewhere to be afterward,” said White. “During finals, there’s a lot happening and I feel overwhelmed because of all the studying. In the morning, I’m trying to get all the sleep and I don’t start getting ready until the last minute, so sometimes that’s another reason why I’ll dress bummy.”

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