SF State Campus a Possible hotspot for Car Burglaries

San Francisco auto burglaries, whether it’s on a busy street, in front of a house, in a garage or around a college campus.

Last year, the City had a record number of car break-ins and now law enforcement is upping their security in garages around the city.SF State has also seen a rise in car burglaries in the past year.

Enrique Vera Cruz, an officer of the SF State Police department affirms, “As of May 1st, there have been 20 reported auto burglary cases since January of 2018, which is already more than half of the total number of auto burglary reports UPD has taken in all of 2017.”

He goes on to explain that, “In 2017, there were 39 total auto burglary cases reported to the SF State Police Department.”  This means that the rising number of car break-ins in the city also has had a trickle effect on the SF State campus and could possibly be double or more than last year

SFSU is known as a commuter school, so many students have experienced their fare share of car break-ins. Between traffic and shortage of parking and car break-ins and theft, many take public transportation to school if they don’t live in the area because it is so expensive to live in the city car break-ins are at an all time high.

Buenaventura Castillo, a Kinesiology Major at SFSU says he’s had his car broken into multiple times. His car was broken into twice around his neighborhood in the Fillmore and once near the SFSU campus on Junipero Serra Boulevard.

Castillo explains, “I parked my car around 8 am at Junipero and since it’s all day, I usually just leave it, come back at 2 pm and it got broken into and nothing was taken but the interior was a mess.”

The most common advice given regarding car burglaries is ‘don’t leave any valuables and make sure you lock your car’ but that doesn’t always work seeing as Castillo didn’t have any valuables in his car and it still got broken into. If you want to be extra safe Castillo advises fellow students and people to park closer to their destination and check on their car every couple of hours.

While officers of SF are upping their security in garages due to the car burglary up rise, campus police are “…briefed about the problem and are on the lookout specifically for these types of crimes,” says Cruz.

He goes on to say,  “The Community Liaison Unit reaches out to all members of the SF State Community to provide them with general safety tips on campus.”

Just in the past week, there were 398 car burglary and theft incidents. In the past year, the car burglary problem in SF has become an epidemic and police and law enforcement are cracking down and trying to find ways to alleviate this problem.

In a press release dated, April 23, The Office of District Attorney of SF stated, “In order to enhance the role that prosecutors can play in reducing the city’s auto burglary challenge DA Gascón has requested funding for a specialized unit that seeks to tie repeat offenders to multiple offenses,” 

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