Lost on stage

I remember pretty vividly being asked often “What are you going to be when you grow up?” The only thing is I still don’t know the answer and I have about 10 days left to figure it out.

The daunting idea of the upcoming end to my college career has left me with more questions than answers. Like what do you do when you’re not in school, or on break waiting for school to start up again? School is all I have ever known.

Now I am expected to walk out into the world, across a stage and ultimately settle into who I will be, but what if I don’t want to know just yet. We have been told we need to jump right into it, but I think we as graduates have the right to explore.

A recent Pew research study found that 44 percent of college graduates with a bachelor’s degree were working jobs that didn’t require the degree, but it’s not all bad news. A similar report by Pew found that graduates are still earning more and overall are glad they went to college.

College has taught me a lot, and I agree with the study. I am glad I went to college because I wouldn’t be who I am without it. I made new friends, I learned how to properly wash my laundry and I learned that just because you went to class at 8 a.m. in high school doesn’t mean you can here.

College has taught me useful and useless things but I still need to learn more; I need to explore and I can’t do that if I desperately grasp to one  idea of my future. Therefore, I have decided the one thing that I can sanely look for is happiness.

A 75-year-long Harvard study found the secret to happiness through statistics is in love and relationships with those you love as two of the most important aspects of happiness. The study also says that no matter your age you can still find happiness.

Happiness might not be every graduate’s goal but the goals that you do have like mine might not work out. The job might fall through or you might not end up in the position you wanted but you put yourself on that ledge you made a goal and that’s how you end up succeeding.

So what I have found is I can be anything I want: an astronaut, a crazy cat lady, professional wrestler or a barista in a hipster coffee shop. The last one is the most likely, but you never know where you will end up and maybe you shouldn’t know right now.

You might be asking yourself like I am, so what’s next?  My answer is I don’t know, and that’s okay but we are free to figure it out after we toss our caps into the air.

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