“Fuck borders, fuck ICE, keep families together,” a student sang during her set Thursday night at The Depot’s event with Music City. 

Combing today’s political climate with music, student Mae Powell said she wanted to avoid getting political in her music ever since Donald Trump was elected president because music was her escape. But that changed when she felt the need to speak out about certain issues.

From indie to psychedelic to post-punk, local artists Mae Powell, The Joy Pops and Inanon played lively music at The Depot Thursday night from 6-9 p.m. The event was put on with Music City — a rehearsal and recording studio for local artists. Sixth-year student Holiday Hagan hosted the event.

“I wrote the song once children started to be put in cages,” Powell said about her track “Until We’re All Free (Fuck ICE).” “I wanted to connect today’s political climate with my art and use my music to uplift people.” Powell described her music as, “being in a big cuddle puddle with all your friends in a warm room.”

Her first performance in San Francisco was an open mic night at The Depot her freshman year. Four years later, Powell became an intern for The Depot. This was her first paid show and also her highest paying gig. “It’s like I’ve come full circle,” Powell said.

Fourth-year student Marshall Aden, who had come to The Depot after class, said he didn’t know his former classmate Powell was a singer. “The show introduced me to her craft,” he said.

“The show went really well,” Hagan said, “The Depot is a great place for students to hang out after class and listen to music.”

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