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Commuter podcast Ep.1

October 18, 2018


Commuter podcast Ep.1

One of the most prevalent aspects about working or going to school in San Francisco is that not all of us are able to actually live here. For many of us at SF State, we have to commute far distances to enjoy this exciting, busy city.

According to a 2015 San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency fact sheet, “Nearly half a million San Francisco and Bay Area residents commute in and out of San Francisco each day.”

With constant traffic and a limited number of parking spaces available in the city — an estimated 277,283 on-street and 166,000 off-street parking spots total — commuters have to navigate their journey carefully and consider all their transport options.

This may be intimidating for out-of-towners traveling to San Francisco for the first time, or annoying for those who do it every day, so our Xpress commuters are here to supply you with a comprehensive guide on traveling to and around the city.

Tune in to the Xpress Commuter podcast as seasoned commuters dive into a different commuting issue each episode and share stories and advice from their travels.

This week on our inaugural episode, Joshua Chan, Paul Eichenholtz and Maci Martell discuss the scope of commuters on campus and the transit safety concerns around the city. These Xpress commuters touch on fears surrounding BART stations since the Nia Wilson murder, the implications of ramped up video surveillance and personal stories of weird encounters on transit lines.

Starting her journalism career at Santa Rosa Junior College, Maci has taken on the role of news and managing editor as well as a co-editor-in-chief at student-newspaper The Oak Leaf. She began her pursuit for a bachelor's in journalism at SF State in Fall 2017. In the fall of 2018, she joined the Golden Gate Xpress staff as the copy editor.