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Fine Arts Gallery presents 31st annual Stillwell student exhibition

December 4, 2018


Fine Arts Gallery presents 31st annual Stillwell student exhibition

The College of Liberal and Creative Arts will present the 31st Annual Stillwell Student Exhibition in the Fine Arts Gallery from Tuesday, Dec. 4 to Thursday, Dec. 13.

This exhibit will feature undergraduate art students’ latest work in video, photography, textiles, metal arts, ceramics, sculptures, printmaking, and more. This exhibit will also feature work from the School of Art’s collections by Leo D. Stillwell Jr., a watercolor and oil painter who died at age 22 in 1948.

According to the Fine Art Gallery’s website, the exhibition is supported by the University’s Instructionally Related Student Activities Fund.

The exhibit will be open during the Fine Art Gallery’s normal hours for students, and member of SF State’s art community to attend. However, its opening reception is postponed until Wednesday, Dec. 5 from 4 p.m. – 6 p.m in the Fine Arts Gallery. The 31st Annual Stillwell student exhibition is free to attend.

Sarah Niderost is a senior at SFSU, studying journalism and sociology. While writing articles and scrolling through her social media, Sarah also enjoys rock climbing, running, and attempting to be a coffee connoisseur.