09 Mar 2019

BART power outage stalls trains for hours

BART resumed service after a computer glitch prompted a system-wide power outage Saturday morning, halting all trains for hours until power was restored. BART released a statement on their website

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26 Feb 2019

As BART experiences higher demand, new Transbay crossing may be the answer

As more people rely on public transportation each year in the Bay Area, BART is considering adding a second Transbay crossing to keep up with its growing ridership. The demand

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15 Feb 2019

Glen Park BART station reopens after suspicious package found

The Glen Park BART station in San Francisco has reopened after a suspicious package was reported on a train Friday afternoon between 1:10 and 1:15 p.m., according to a recorded

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12 Feb 2019

Gator Pass relies on student fee to boost BART discount

SF State students will receive a 50 percent fare reduction on BART rides with the use of the Gator Pass starting March 1, but because the program is funded by

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29 Jan 2019

BART survey shows rise in rider dissatisfaction due to crime, grime

The results of a BART survey released on Thursday show increased complaints from riders who say the transit agency is not doing enough to address the crime and grime they

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28 Nov 2018

BART directors vow improved safety in wake of homicides

“Where BART clearly failed over the summer is communicating to the public about serious and even fatal incidents that happen at their station,” said Janice Li, San Francisco bicycle activist

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23 Oct 2018

BART security strategies clash with distrustful ridership

The past year’s surge of violence on BART has the transit board struggling to reconcile the need to increase policing with a population that’s mistrustful and even hostile towards law

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09 Oct 2018

Critics urge BART to improve transit security

BART officials struggled with their plans to prevent crime through mass surveillance and increased policing during a packed safety meeting in Pittsburg on Sept. 27. Critics say BART’s response to

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14 Mar 2018

BART closures cause congestion

Getting home should be considered mundane and common but for some BART riders, it will soon become dangerous and difficult. In a few months, the Civic Center BART station will

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30 Oct 2017

Bartenders unite for Puerto Rico

The San Francisco United States Bartender’s guild held a fundraising event stocked with colorful drinks and fancy finger food to provide Puerto Rico with support on Sunday, a little over

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02 Nov 2016

Measure RR will keep BART safe and reliable

This spring, SF State students took historic action to improve the affordability and accessibility of their education with an overwhelming yes vote on the Gator Pass. As a result, students

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03 Nov 2015

Art professor takes stand against BART censorship

Bustling commuters escalated out of the underground BART station at 16th and Mission streets to come face to face with four intricately woven tapestries taped to the plaza’s walls. Some continued walking,

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17 Feb 2015

Policy update bans BART commuters from using e-cigs and vapes

Commuters can no longer use e-cigarettes and vaping devices on BART property, according to a recent update to their no-smoking policy. The ordinance, passed Feb. 12,  is a remedy to complaints

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09 Sep 2014

BART Watch app has no chance against truly dangerous criminals

After the newest Bay Area crime reporting app was labeled the “Instagram of Bad Behavior” by SF Weekly due to acting as somewhat of a snitching tool, BART Watch is

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11 Mar 2014

Balboa BART Station resumes service after medical emergency

The Balboa Park BART Station has resumed service after experiencing major delays and temporary closure due to reports of a person under a train, according to a BART official this afternoon.

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22 Oct 2013

The end of the BART strike frees Bay Area from commuting stress

The BART strike is over and the 30,000 students, faculty and staff at SF State, along with the rest of the Bay Area, can finally rest easy knowing trains will

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18 Oct 2013

SF State endures day one of BART strike

Friday, commuters across the Bay Area awoke to the painful realization that this was day one of a BART strike. Union representatives announced Thursday night their employees would walk off

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17 Oct 2013

BART strike approaches: Walkout at midnight

BART trains will not run Friday after unions announced their intention to strike earlier today after a marathon 30-hour bargaining session. Talks between labor and management negotiators broke down and

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08 Oct 2013

BART strike threatens students’ Friday commute

As labor talks continue between BART management and its unions, commuters across the Bay Area look for different ways to commute — and that includes SF State students like 24-year-old Danielle

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01 Oct 2013

City proposes Muni M-line to run under Parkmerced, extend to Daly City BART

The San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) proposed the elimination of parking spaces along 19th Avenue to make room for a new M-Ocean View Muni line that would run underground through

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24 Sep 2012

BART sees record-breaking ridership in September

As students from SF State and other schools throughout the Bay Area are back in session, BART, Muni and Caltrain have seen a spike in ridership in September, marking a record-breaking

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17 Sep 2012

BART to hold community events for its 40th anniversary

Forty years ago, BART slid open its doors and connected people from across the Bay Area. With a legacy of such expansion, the agency plans to continue its growth in

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29 Aug 2012

BART's bike pilot program to end Aug. 31

Many Bay Area commuters will be relieved to see the BART bicycle pilot program ends Aug. 31, while others believe the program could support cyclists and the environment. Throughout August,

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28 Mar 2012

BART to increase fares in July, amount still unclear

By Brad Wilson, special to Xpress The cost of getting to school may soon climb higher, with the BART Board of Trustees set to raise fares within the next few

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24 Feb 2012

New BART cars being made overseas is no surprise to experts

Commuters tired of BART’s carpet-lined compartments have a lot to look forward to in the coming years as the transportation service begins shopping for a firm to build new trains,

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17 Feb 2012

VIDEO: 16th Street BART station home of weekly poetry slam

On a rainy night, fewer than a dozen people huddle under umbrellas outside the 16th and Mission Street BART station. Bottles of wine and whiskey are passed around while anything

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06 Dec 2011

BART will shut down cell phone service in "extreme circumstances"

The BART board of directors held a meeting Thursday, Dec. 1 and voted unanimously for a new policy for riders that would allow cell phone service to be shut down

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15 Nov 2011

BART considering discount for frequent riders

San Francisco is a city largely dependent on public transportation. Fare hikes have been the norm lately, but BART is now considering offering discounts to high volume commuters. A new

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17 Oct 2011

BART service could run later Friday nights, start later Saturday mornings

If BART officials receive positive feedback on a proposed plan to extend station hours Friday night, passengers may be able to actually catch dinner and a movie without having to

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13 Sep 2011

Money, time, people wasted by BART police and SFPD for protests

Last week, members of opBART, a loose-knit group of protesters determined to derail the transit system’s police force in the wake of several highly-publicized officer-involved deaths of train riders and

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12 Sep 2011

Monday night BART protest saw no arrests, station closures

No arrests were made Monday during a BART protest that took place at 5 p.m. at Civic Center BART station. This is the fifth protest known as “OpBART” which is

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08 Sep 2011

Students, media detained at BART protest

Members of the media, including seven SF State journalism students, were arrested and detained today at Powell BART station during the “no fare” BART protest. Approximately 26-30 people were arrested

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30 Aug 2011

BART protesters strike Civic Center for the third time, promise to return

Nearly 50 protesters swarmed around Civic Center BART station and proceeded to walk up Market St. to Powell, Montgomery, and Embarcadero stations between 5 and 7 p.m. Monday, marking the third

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23 Aug 2011

BART protesters clash with police, commuters

Protesters took to the streets Monday night in response to what they believed to be systematic problems with BART, including police brutality and alleged free speech violations when the transit

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12 May 2011

Seating lab will unveil possible BART replacements

Horror stories of the things found on BART’s fabric-covered seats range from drug-resistant bacteria to the more mundane used condom or human feces. With the launch of the so-called “Fleet

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16 Mar 2011

Reports of BART seat contamination may be overstating danger

Andrea Simpson, an SF State student, has made it a ritual to either change her clothes or shower immediately after the one-hour BART ride from Daly City to her Concord

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