14 May 2014

There is no where to place blame in the shooting of Stephen Guillermo

Like all students, Stephen Guillermo wanted a break from studying before finals week, where he could just focus on having fun. After a night of drinking with his friends, he

13 May 2014

The right to bear arms is essential to our lasting freedom

Welcome to the United States, home of beer, cheeseburgers, free speech and lots of guns. We also have an entire system of laws that protects our right to enjoy all

14 Apr 2014

News You Should Know: Week of April 14

Hello my future rulers of the world, and Happy Monday. My name is Andrew Cullen. I am the editor-in-chief over at Xpress. Today, I bring you what is to be

13 Apr 2014

News you should know: Ukrainian Special

I’m going to assume you know about the crisis in Ukraine, but I’m going to assume you don’t really know what is going on. Let’s face it, no one really does.

11 Apr 2014

SF State was never a sports-oriented school, never should be

Think back to that moment you chose to come to SF State. You knew you wanted to go to college but the process of picking the right one depends on

26 Mar 2014

UPDATE: California Senator Leland Yee arrested in Sunset District on corruption, weapon trafficking charges

An FBI agent removes bags of what seems to be evidence after raiding the Ghee Kung Tong temple and Chinese Freemasons building in Chinatown on Wednesday, March 26 following the

18 Feb 2014

UPDATE: Zionist group pushes for legal action against Palestinian student group and its members

Ahmina J. talks with two attendees holding up Palestinian flags at a rally to celebrate the Palestinian Cultural Mural: Honoring Dr. Edward Said on the Cesar Chavez Student Center. The

10 Feb 2014

President Wong decides against Tasers at SF State

SF State President Leslie Wong talks with Xpress staff about his decision not to arm University police officers with Tasers Monday, Feb. 10. Photo by Jessica Christian / Xpress In

30 Jan 2014

Rampant social injustice and inequality perpetuates chaos

In the last few years our country has slid further into a state of distress, where some of the most devastating violence is being carried out by civilians and war

10 Jan 2014

Potential environmental hazards close Science Building

The Science Building has been closed due to the discovery of potential environmental hazards that were found during a routine environmental health evaluation earlier this week. UPDATE: Environmental hazards are

25 Nov 2013

Taser debate sparks student protest

The escalation of the Taser debate resulted in a rally in Malcolm X Plaza Friday, where students protested against what they see as the silencing of student voice on campus.

14 Nov 2013

Students assemble to discuss Taser-use by police at SF State

[set_id=72157637685910014] [HTML1] Live streaming by Jasmin Taylor A group of more than 50 students organized in Malcolm X Plaza, Thursday night, to speak out against the proposition of SF State

08 Nov 2013

Edward Said mural turns 6 years old

[set_id=72157637620834436]  UPDATED: 11/12/2013 The Palestinian national anthem echoed through Jack Adams Hall last Thursday, as SF State hosted its sixth annual celebration of the campus’s mural honoring the late Edward

05 Nov 2013

Millenials lose themselves in flashy technology

Drawn by Kirstie Haruta Many associate my generation with its strong love of technology and apparent inability to pull itself away from a flashing screen. This is a misconception though. My

29 Oct 2013

No decision has been made on the use of Tasers, says President Wong

SF State President Leslie E. Wong led a campus safety discussion in Jack Adams Hall Thursday, where he was hit with a barrage of student concerns about the University Police

24 Oct 2013

Taser concern dominates discussion at campus safety forum

SF State President Leslie E. Wong led a panel discussion on campus safety in Jack Adams Hall this afternoon, where he was hit with a barrage of student concerns about

08 Oct 2013

Campus health center prepares for Obamacare enrollment

UPDATE: Today Covered California approved SF State’s Student Health Center to become a licensed Affordable Care Act enrollment entity, according to SF State’s lead health coordinator, Aimée Williams. “Now we have to

24 Sep 2013

Refugee aid should be extent of global involvement in Syria

“The great tragedy of this century,” is the Syrian Civil War, according to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres. He is not referring to the 110,000 and rising

19 Sep 2013

SF State professors weigh in on Syrian war

The United Nations announced Monday, that the Human Rights Commission will be investigating the 14 chemical weapon attacks, to find who is responsible for the war crimes. The U.N. has

16 Sep 2013

Dorm security increases with 24-hour monitors

[set_id=72157635405953037] University housing officials increased security this semester adding a 24-hour door monitor to check all individuals prior to entering residence halls at SF State. The previous policies set by

10 Sep 2013

9/8-9/14 Syria, deans, Palestine and fossil fuels

Open forum on post 9/11 and current Syria By Andrew Cullen Today, SF State will host the 12th Annual Jules Tygiel Memorial Forum on Post 9/11 World Affairs, a continuing forum that