04 Oct 2018

SF State students respond to Kavanaugh testimony

After Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony of her alleged sexual abuse from Brett Kavanaugh in a hearing on Sept. 27, SFSU students react to the Senate Judiciary Committee’s decision to

16 Aug 2018

Outside Lands brings the noise

Outside Lands Music & Art Festival descended upon San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park for the tenth anniversary last weekend– attracting thousands of SF residents, as well as travelers, dedicated to

10 May 2018

It gets ‘Weird’ in SoMa

The San Francisco community celebrated the 19th annual How Weird Street Faire on May 6 in the SoMa District. SF residents were able to express their weirdness and love for

15 Mar 2018

“No Smoking on Campus”

Although a new “No Smoking on Campus” policy has been put in place for all Cal State Universities, students at SF State continue to smoke without the fear of getting

14 Feb 2018

Valentine’s day on campus

Students on campus celebrate Valentine’s Day by selling and purchasing gifts.