16 Dec 2014

Photostory: Zombie effect on bee populations prompts thesis study

Despite recent efforts, honey bees are experiencing a rapid decline in population caused by the parasitic fly Apocephalus borealis. The microscopic fly, often referred to as the zombie fly, begins

The Capoeria Club at SF State practices their art in the Gymnasium at SF State. Annastashia Goolsby/Xpress.
25 Nov 2014

Martial arts meets music in the Capoeria Club

Look, it’s martial arts. No, it’s acrobatics. No, it’s capoeira. Among a dozen sport clubs at SF State, the Capoeria Club, consisting of a Brazilian martial art incorporated with dance,

24 Mar 2014

The amazing bonus round solve on Wheel of Fortune came from an SF State alum

[HTML1] In less than 10 seconds with only the first two letters on the board — N and E — Emilbert deLeon was able to guess the three-worded “thing” and became

18 Mar 2014

All marine mammals performances are inhumane

Sitting in the splash zone during an orca performance can easily be the highlight of any child’s trip to SeaWorld. Unbeknownst to a five-year-old, the seemingly happy-go-lucky whale swimming before

09 Mar 2014

CSU maintenance cannot be swept under the rug

Shit is hitting the fan in the California State University system and SF State is no exception. From the complete closure of the Science Building, to much needed repair in

26 Feb 2014

Banning peanut butter doesn’t make it safer

For many, it’s a fond memory to think back to all the times they brought a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to school for lunch. Although there were times we

30 Jan 2014

Ice hockey team experiencing temporary freeze from playing last home game

Nearly finished with their first season as an official club sport, the ice hockey team at SF State has run into a financial dilemma. They cannot afford to play their

27 Jan 2014

Don’t eat the fish! They’re contaminated

Polar bears along the coast of Alaska are suffering from fur loss and open sores. Starfish on the West Coast are disintegrating into piles of white goo and Pacific Herring are