30 Nov 2016

Blood-soaked legacy continues in North Dakota

[media-credit name=”Jessylyn Los Banos” align=”alignnone” width=”485″][/media-credit] This past week, many Americans gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving with their families, unconcerned with the ongoing violence against Native American families who are currently

09 Nov 2016

White nationalists are America’s ISIS

As Americans, we view extreme terror organizations like ISIS as a foreign concept. But believe it or not, we are not far from the same revolution in our own country.

27 Oct 2016

Voting rights remain an issue for undocumented students

In a time of anti-undocumented rhetoric, the idea of voting rights remains a beacon of hope for undocumented Americans eager to join the political process. “Because voting is considered both

26 Oct 2016

Trump blurs line between entertainment and politics

Remember when you were told as a kid that if you ignore someone, they’ll just go away? Well America has done a really terrible job of ignoring Donald Trump. We’ve

09 Oct 2016

Trump avoids addressing sexist tape in second debate

The second Presidential debate of 2016 began with the highly anticipated topic of Donald Trump’s sexual assault comments from a recently surfaced 2005 hot mic tape. The tape was recorded

04 Oct 2016

Pence wins debate by close margin, says CNN poll

The 2016 vice presidential debate took place Tuesday with moderator Elaine Quijano guiding the candidates. Quijano, a CBS anchor, is the first Asian American to moderate a VP debate. Contrary

16 Sep 2016

Teach-in shows solidarity with Standing Rock

Students, faculty, and community members gathered for a solidarity teach-in, in support of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe on Thursday. The tribe has been protesting against the construction of the

09 Sep 2016

Student protests result in new protocol

The University has introduced new and more effective protocol for dealing with protests after a heavily criticized handling of a visit by Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat.   “We failed our

03 Sep 2016

Investigation of Barkat protest leads to new University protocol

  On September 1, SF State released an investigative report of the General Union of Palestinian Students’ protest of the SF Hillel event with Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat. The report

31 Aug 2016

Speak from experience or don’t speak at all

[media-credit name=”Jessylyn Los Banos” align=”alignnone” width=”517″][/media-credit] In today’s world, being politically correct is a general expectation for almost everyone hoping to have a civil conversation. It’s easy to get caught

26 Aug 2016

Incoming students make their beds and their mark at SF State

Move-in day at SF State was a big day for a lot of freshmen, including Nick Day, an 18-year-old skateboarder from San Diego, Joseph Asicam, a 17-year-old foster youth from

05 Aug 2016

SF State Provost Sue Rosser leaves University for chancellor’s office

SF State Vice President and Provost Sue Rosser will be leaving her position on Sept. 1, according to an announcement from President Wong on Thursday.    Rosser will be joining

18 Jun 2016

Man shot near SF State campus

A man was shot Tuesday at 12:20 a.m. at Lake Merced Boulevard and Higuera Avenue, according to an email safety alert from SF State Vice President of Student Affairs, LuoLuo

18 May 2016

Studying abroad can be rewarding – but remember where you come from!

Like most dramatic changes in a person’s life, moving to another country to go to school makes you compare it to what you used to have. There are a lot

10 May 2016

Bernie supporters revive archaic gender attitudes

America is at a turning point when it comes to feminism. The wage gap for women is slowly closing and there are more and more options in California for paid family

26 Apr 2016

‘Dump Trump’ rally advocates for voter registration

Almost forty students gathered in Malcolm X Plaza chanting “Dump Trump” during an anti-Trump rally Monday, April 25, holding signs with Donald Trump’s face crossed out and printed with the slogan. The

19 Apr 2016

Your bindi is not trendy

Fashion trends at summer festivals often come under scrutiny for their cultural appropriation. Bindis have been one of the biggest trends at festivals and it needs to stop. Summer festivals

11 Apr 2016

Gator Pass vote offers students discounted transportation with slight tuition raise

Monday through Friday, SF State students will have the opportunity to vote on a $180, per-semester addition to their tuition in exchange for a Gator Pass. The pass would provide

05 Apr 2016

Republican Student Union’s support of Donald Trump sparks controversy

The Republican Student Union experienced a third day of protest on Tuesday against their support of Donald Trump for president, following two consecutive days of conflict before spring break. Student

15 Mar 2016

Deans weigh in on Ethnic Studies funding controversy

Last Tuesday, five of the deans of SF State’s six academic colleges signed a letter supporting the initiation of a task force to investigate the funding concerns in the College of Ethnic