28 Oct 2014

Design and industry student creates award-winning product to help eye drop users; seeks to replace current poorly-designed bottles

Graduate student Trevor Myers went above and beyond to design an innovative eye dropper bottle, and now seeks to propel his prototype forward to help people facing difficulties with the

People, artists and vendors gather together on Noriega St. for the first annual Ocean Beach Music and Arts Festival Saturday, Oct. 11, 2014.
12 Oct 2014

Ocean Beach Festival reaches new appeal with local bands to cultivate community in Outer Sunset

A new name, live bands and a committed group of business owners combined to make a fun day come together for residents of the Outer Sunset. The Ocean Beach Music

Annette Bening sits in a dressing room in the Creative Arts Building Friday, Oct. 10, 2014.
11 Oct 2014

Actress Annette Bening revisits alma mater and treats theatre and cinema students to inspiring talk

While a crowd of eager students stood in the halls awaiting her presence, actress Annette Bening slowly toured the rooms of her alma mater’s theatre department, reminiscing about directors she worked

30 Sep 2014

SF State stars rise with the West Coast premiere of rock musical Yeast Nation

It’s a tale of two SF State actors; an alumna and student rejoining their craft in their roles as mother and son as they traverse through the beginning of life

Design and Industry student Caroline Nguyen started filming her documentary “Not In My Neighborhood” this week with the help of mentor Cynthia Biret. Tuesday, Aug 23, 2014. Sara Gobets / Xpress.
26 Aug 2014

Student documentary in the making reveals realities of human trafficking in cities, countries large and small

When design and industry student Caroline Nguyen heard about a human trafficking raid in her hometown of Westminster, Orange County, she knew she had to take action. Now the SF

24 May 2014

Arts and entertainment summer releases in the Bay Area

Arts and entertainment have ended at SF State, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy quality shows off campus this summer. There are a variety of movies, plays and

13 May 2014

BECA students ready for their close-up in upcoming awards show

An Oscars-esque awards show is making its way down the red carpet this week in the style of BECAfest 2014. The only difference: the audience will be cheering for fellow

07 May 2014

Annual Fringe festival offers unique plays by students

With titles involving knives, spaghetti, girl mathletes and a bus full of memories, SF State’s The Fringe gathers unique plays penned by students and promises a fun close to the

20 Apr 2014

Shakespeare play gets a makeover in ‘Beatrice and Benedick’

The setting: San Francisco, 1945. The people: nurses and Navy men. The adaptation: Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing.” The point: forget everything you think you know about opera. SF State

16 Apr 2014

An ongoing celebration would dull the merit of Earth Day

Let’s face it, everyone’s busy enough trying to multitask and juggle the various aspects of their lives, whether it be work, school, parenting or whatever else. It wouldn’t be wise

16 Apr 2014

VIDEO: ‘In Hollow Time’ delivers dynamic cast and crew, shines spotlight on SF State original talent

[HTML1] Blue lights canvass the stage. The guitar strums. A woman sings slowly. A beat. Another slams poetic rhymes. They jive. They thrive. Off each other’s lines. Their lives. Then

04 Apr 2014

Animation professor’s films to be displayed at SF International Film Fest and on Digital Dome

Ben Ridgway, assistant professor of cinema and animation advisor, works in the Fine Arts Building animation room, Friday, April 4. Photo by Tony Santos / Xpress A cosmic flower is

01 Apr 2014

Taxes on sugary drinks, tobacco are needed to maintain healthy society

The government is not the enemy here; yes, it controls aspects of our lives that we may disagree with at times but it is only to keep our nation from

20 Mar 2014

Cinema professor’s tale of ‘broken’ and ‘desperate’ men may win big at SF International Film Fest

A cinema professor has the chance to take home $10,000 if his documentary is chosen as the winner of the Golden Gate Awards during the 57th San Francisco International Film

14 Mar 2014

Screenwriter Pamela Gray talks cynicism and optimism on writing female-driven screenplays

Screenwriter Pamela Gray hit the audience with sobering statistics, ruins of reality and continual cynicism in her discussion on writing and selling the female-centered screenplay. Then she really got to

12 Mar 2014

“Measure for Measure” fuses modern-day direction with classic Shakespeare

[HTML1] View the gritty, sexual atmosphere of the opening dance number and you’ll know this isn’t your average school play; hear the hip-hop and R&B background music and you’ll sense

11 Mar 2014

Filmmaking alumnus determined to attend Cannes Film Festival

Andrew Cathey, director (right), and Zachary Ready, co-director (left), pose behind drying film in the halls of the Fine Arts building Monday, Mar. 10, 2014. Cathey’s team, Pocket Pool Productions,

22 Feb 2014

Screenwriter Sam “Batman” Hamm talks on genre writing

Screenwriter Sam Hamm during his speech in Coppola Theatre, located in the Fine Arts Building, Thursday, Feb. 20. Hamm is the second of three guest speakers featured in a screenwriting

17 Feb 2014

Michael Grais gives advice to SF State screenwriting students

It takes a brave man to make jokes about actor Steven Seagal, but considering screenwriter and producer Michael Grais worked closely with him on a film, surely Seagal would let

15 Feb 2014

Cinema speaker series will feature screenwriter Michael Grais

SF State will get a little taste of Hollywood when screenwriter Michael Grais comes to campus to speak about the profession’s evolving presence in the city. Grais is set to

05 Feb 2014

Professor documents transgender Filipina running for Congress in Manila

An SF State cinema professor’s documentary shows the world of LGBTQ political struggles from the view of a transgender woman running for office in the Philippines. Director Johnny Symons is

01 Feb 2014

Black Panther Party and Haight-Ashbury photo collections show 1960s civil rights movement at campus art gallery

[set_id=72157640398735734] The Cesar Chavez Student Center’s Art Gallery’s latest exhibit shows how peace, love and some revolutionary vibes shaped the 1960s civil rights movement in the Bay Area and at