19 Apr 2017

Kendrick Lamar’s album is just what America needs to hear

Once again, a dim light is brightened by Kendrick Lamar. In a time when it’s needed most, his thought process on what is currently happening to and within the black

08 Mar 2017

Local artist pays tribute to students lost in Ghost Ship fire

Correction: A previous version of this article mistakenly identified Michela Gregory’s birthday as May 14. The article has since been corrected. The famous Clarion Alley in the Mission District is

01 Feb 2017

Black women can’t relate to SF Women’s March

After miles of marching in San Francisco and around the country, many black women are yelling hypocrisy to the millions of white women who are proud to say their “pussy

25 Jan 2017

Students spark discussion on structural violence in self-built art exhibit

Personal moments and intriguing faces were displayed along the walls of the student-built art exhibit “Potential,” which was held at popular Oakland art venue The Flight Deck, on the first

09 Nov 2016

Poly sci watch party ends in dark mood

Professors and students came into the Political Science Department’s watch party in Mckenna Theatre confident that the 45th president would be democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton. But as the night continued,

08 Nov 2016

Students gather for campus watch party

[slideshow_deploy id=’74256′] SF State’s Political Science Department is currently hosting a presidential election watch party in Mckenna Theatre. The event includes commentary from four of the department’s professors and live

26 Oct 2016

Linguist frames presidential debate

“Trump uses the brains of others to his advantage. He has 50 years of experience as a self-interested salesman,” said former UC Berkeley linguistics professor and author George Lakoff during

19 Sep 2016

Visual design students make an environmental statement with PARK(ing) Day

With coffee brewing, music playing and a hotdog-suited yorkie to captivate passers-by, even the gloomy morning didn’t stop SF State visual design students from attracting crowds on their annual PARK(ing)

12 Sep 2016

Students to join artists worldwide in art installation event

Students, residents and volunteers will join artists worldwide in transforming public spaces with temporary art installations for the annual PARK(ing) Day event this week. Instructor Ricardo Gomes assigned PARK(ing) Day