08 Dec 2013

Student designers get recognized in this year’s FNA winter show

[set_id=72157638429038523] Edgy and elegant student-made apparel designs graced the runway Friday evening during the “Brilliance: The Gems of San Francisco State” Winter Runway fashion show, hosted by the Fashion Network Association or FNA, a

06 Dec 2013

Brown Bag Theatre gives students chance to work on numerous plays

[HTML1] SF State’s Brown Bag Theatre class is not held in a paper bag, rather the name of the class is inspired by a 1920s tradition. “I think it probably even

03 Dec 2013

New art exhibit displays ’60s student protests at SF State

[set_id=72157638336845403] It’s been 45 years since the longest campus strike in U.S. History took place at SF State and to this day it remains an honored, historical University event. Monday,

12 Nov 2013

Theater students play 18th century actors

[set_id=72157637487741844] Theater students dressed in 18th century garb and periwigs stood in a hall of the Creative Arts Building as they prepared themselves for their most recent play, “The Stage

05 Nov 2013

Comedic play brings humor to Day of the Dead celebrations

“The Still Life Cabaret,” a comedic play coupled with song and dance, highlights the significance of Día de los Muertos. Written and directed by SF State professor Carlos Baron, the

22 Oct 2013

“The Unmentionables” play brings together student and faculty talent

“Standby for intermission, light cue 28, house lights and sound cue intermission,” Maggie Manzano said. She whispered into her headset and communicated with the entire crew of “The Unmentionables” during

15 Oct 2013

BECA class sends student videographers abroad; Tanzanian videos debut

A two-sequence course called electronic media and social justice, or BECA 581, gave four students the opportunity to use the production skills they learned at the University and travel to

08 Oct 2013

SF Board of Supervisors propose new bike theft protection and recovery plan

Last Tuesday, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a resolution that will attempt to cut bike thefts in half over the next five years through voluntary bike registration and quicker

02 Oct 2013

SF State celebrates Creative State Opening Day

Highlighted by the Alexander String Quartet and the world premiere of a composition by Pulitzer Prize-winning professor, Wayne Peterson, the University’s vibrant arts programs joined in the first ever Creative

01 Oct 2013

Local artist lectures for art students in graduate seminar

[HTML1] San Francisco artist, Jason Jägel, lectured for students on his work as part of professor Lewis deSoto’s graduate seminar class last Thursday. Being the compulsive doodler that he is,

24 Sep 2013

Illuminated Library exhibits art made from literature

A three-dimensional map of Moscow, constructed of burnt pieces of literature and poems, is framed and mounted on a wall in the Fine Arts Gallery located in the Fine Arts

17 Sep 2013

Library hosts Cesar Chavez photo exhibit

The J. Paul Leonard Library at SF State frames the life of Cesar Chavez and the members of the United Farm Workers with an exhibit on the fourth floor that

17 Sep 2013

Newly tenured art professor sculpts with Spam

New art professor at SF State Michael Arcega exhibits his most recent work on a projected screen. Displayed is a world map molded together with pieces of canned ham once

04 Sep 2013

Five things to know about Greek life at SF State

One of the most common ways for college students to get involved in school activities and make new friends is to join a fraternity or sorority. The idea of joining

04 Sep 2013

Graduate explores time in ‘Epoch’ film

Danny casually zips up a bag and walks out of a bank when he notices a man and his phone floating in the air. Danny walks toward him, carefully places