14 May 2011

Burden of rising costs not shared by all on campus

As I glide through all the rituals that lead up to graduation, I am overcome with a sense of closure. I enjoyed the food in all my classes’ end-of-the-year parties.

10 May 2011

Oboist returns to school for second refrain

Keith Sklower sticks out from the rest of the musicians in the SF State orchestra. He’s been playing oboe longer than most of them have been alive. Sklower plays with

03 May 2011

Farm to Fork brings locally grown food to students

We might question every concept served up in our classes, but when it comes to our lunch plate, we tend to consume less critically. Every day we sit down for

03 May 2011

Expression takes hold at 'Pieces of Me, Pieces of We'

SF State students presented their artwork in “Pieces of Me, Pieces of We” Tuesday in an exhibit at the International Hotel Manilatown Center in downtown San Francisco. The exhibit was

27 Apr 2011

Students learn healthy ways to release at Stress Relief Day

As final exam season approaches, students might have a pulse on their grades, but between all-night cramming sessions and hours spent sitting in the annex, it’s easy to forget to

26 Apr 2011

Deans prepare for changing roles in college merger

If SF State was a nightclub and President Robert A. Corrigan was a disc jockey, right now he’d be leaning into the microphone and telling everyone to do the shuffle.

01 Mar 2011

New performing arts center to provide much needed progress

When heavy rain hits the Creative Arts building at SF State, buckets are in place to relieve the leaky roof and, on rare occasions, a ceiling tile tears away from

05 Feb 2011

PODCAST: SF State Professor Dina Ibrahim discusses Egyptian conflict

Ibrahim has been able to set aside the chaos in her home country for the sake of her students.