09 May 2017

Jewish community lays blame on Wong

Additional reporting by Ian Sumner Tensions are rising between pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian supporters on campus, as both groups speak out against the unsettling climate they feel the University administration has

03 May 2017

J. The Jewish News of Northern California details rocky history between Wong and Jewish campus community

  J. The Jewish News of Northern California published a duo of damning articles this evening outlining President Wong’s rocky history with the Jewish community on campus. The publication, which covers

26 Apr 2017

Sufficient evidence found to try suspect in SF State student murder

A San Mateo Superior Court judge ruled there is sufficient evidence to set a trial date for the suspect accused of beating an SF State student to death in a

25 Apr 2017

Murder case shines light on domestic violence victims

**Charlotte Mackay contributed to this article Domestic violence took the lives of two SF State students in a two-year time span, the most recent case is ongoing. The first victim

13 Apr 2017

Meet the man who will change your life – Gorsuch confirmed as 113th Supreme Court Justice

[media-credit name=”Courtesy of wikimedia commons” align=”alignright” width=”380″][/media-credit] Justice Neil M. Gorsuch was officially sworn in Monday as the 113th justice to the Supreme Court after he was confirmed last week

06 Apr 2017

Your entire online footprint: now for sale

Trump signed a controversial bill to repeal protections that would have stopped internet service provider companies from collecting and selling online activity. Though proponents say the repeal of this regulation

06 Apr 2017

Republicans invoke “nuclear option,” move closer to Gorsuch Supreme Court confirmation

Senate Republicans bypassed a Democratic filibuster to proceed to a final confirmation vote for Judge Neil M. Gorsuch in an unprecedented decision to change the rules of Supreme Court confirmations.

17 Mar 2017

Courts freeze Trump’s travel ban, again

Two federal judges blocked Trump’s second attempt to instate a travel order against Muslim-majority countries. Before it could go into effect at midnight as planned, the ban was frozen by

08 Mar 2017

Black bloc tactics become prevalent in Bay Area protests

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated Jesse had engaged in black bloc tactics since the 1990s. They did not become a black bloc participant until Occupy Wall

01 Mar 2017

Transgender people deserve the right to exist and pee

My best friend is the only girl I know who wears heels to school most days; her tall graceful figure gliding across campus to the sound of click-clack-click-clack. Our endless

16 Feb 2017

City seeks funds to protect immigrants from deportation

Immigrants, lawyers and community members squeezed into the Budget and Finance Committee meeting in substantial numbers that spilled into an overflow room to show support for a measure that would

15 Feb 2017

City College board passes amendment for undocumented students

The City College of San Francisco Board of Trustees unanimously approved a deal to support free tuition for residents, but some fear the agreement leaves undocumented students behind in a

08 Feb 2017

SF makes city college free for residents

San Francisco will be the first U.S. city to provide free community college to its residents next fall. Mayor Ed Lee’s announcement came after months of uncertainty about the passed

01 Feb 2017

Trump’s travel ban hits close to home

Countrywide protests broke out Saturday following Trump’s signing of the order that temporarily bans Syrian refugees and citizens of seven other predominantly Muslim countries. On the same day, SF State