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Complaint for Damages   [gallery type="slideshow" size="medium" ids="72757,72758,72759,72760,72761,72762,72763,72764,72765,72766,72767,72768,72769"]   Answer to First Amended Complaint [gallery type="thumbnails" size="medium" ids="72725,72726,72727,72728,72729,72730,72731,72732"]   Case Management Statement [gallery type="slideshow" size="medium" ids="72745,72746,72747,72748,72749,72750,72751"]   Notice of Time and Place of Trial   [gallery type="slideshow" size="medium" ids="72754,72755"] List of breaches provided by Jonathan Morales, University spokesperson [gallery type="rectangular" ids="72804"]

Long lines snaked around the Student Services Building on Monday, Aug. 22 as students anxiously waited to speak with financial aid counselors. “It’s crazy, it gets stacked up here every year,” said junior Nowell Francisco, who sat on the floor waiting for his turn. “It’s

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bOLFydiE-Y&feature=youtu.be[/embed] A California State University survey released in February reported that roughly 8 percent of students experienced homelessness in 2015. Of the 23 schools surveyed, SF State’s support offerings for housing and food insecure students fell below average. In the video: Golden Gate Xpress speaks with three

Kinesiology major Deanna Johnson has saved every cap and gown she has ever worn, but this year the high cost of graduation will leave her collection one short. “It’s ridiculous, I wanted to buy my cap and gown, but it’s over $200 just for the gown,”