16 May 2012

Mr. Fix It: Finding less crowded study areas at SF State

While I was enjoying my last day of the semester, vaguely listening to the professor give his final lecture while giving my full attention to Facebook, I realized my work

11 May 2012

SF State student balances school and pregnancy as graduation draws near

Four months ago, Danielle Acierto took a test that did not require studying, and was shocked at the results. The 24-year-old sat alone in disbelief, scared and somewhat excited, when

09 May 2012

Mr. Fix It: Understaffing a contributor to fix-it problems at SF State

In my short time of trying to fix things at SF State, I’ve gotten away with being a few minutes late to classes due to malfunctioning clocks. I’ve seen restrooms at

09 May 2012

SF State seniors share struggles in meeting requirements before graduation

Your dream of wearing that elusive SF State purple cap and gown can quickly turn into a nightmare if you’re not careful about completing all the requirements for graduation. Seniors

25 Apr 2012

Mr. Fix It: Finding a solution for faster Wi-Fi at SF State

I was in the Mr. Fix it headquarters the other day, excited to try on various outfits in hopes of finding the official Mr. Fix It uniform. I checked the

23 Apr 2012

Mr. Fix It: Cleaning up after yourself in campus bathrooms

As I made my way toward a restroom in the Business Building, I was told many times to stay away, but I reassured myself I was going. I entered and

17 Apr 2012

SF State graduate beats the odds of foster care and helps others

Sokhom Mao grew up in the foster care system with his five siblings under the care of abusive relatives and in several group homes, after his mother passed away when

16 Apr 2012

Institutionalized racism apparent in killing of Trayvon Martin

For the past month I have followed all things related to the tragic death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. I’ve watched the people march in anger wondering why Zimmerman hasn’t been

09 Apr 2012

Mr. Fix It: No time wasted on repairing campus clocks

The day started off like any other day. I arrived 10 minutes early for my 8 a.m. class after having studied deep into the night. I decided to put my

13 Mar 2012

City ordinance would require businesses to provide bicycle parking

As more San Francisco residents take to their bicycles as their main mode of transportation, there grows a greater need to provide owners secure parking other than a pole on

06 Mar 2012

PHOTOS: Rally for education at Capitol building ends in arrests

[HTML1] Sixty-eight protesters including two SF State students were arrested Monday evening after they refused to leave the state Capitol building as part of the rally for higher education. Hundreds

15 Feb 2012

Daniel Gonzales recalls his 43-year history at SF State

He can overwhelm your brain with endless amounts of information, but he would probably rather tell you a good joke straight from his unfiltered, fast-talking mouth. Asian American studies Associate

14 Feb 2012

AIDS Memorial Quilts back on display in San Francisco

An elderly man dressed in all white grabs the attention away from the large multi-colored, heavily decorated AIDS Memorial Quilt, as he reads off the names of the people that

07 Feb 2012

Number of Chinese students at SF State rapidly rising

An unstable economy and rising tuition has not deterred students overseas from obtaining a degree in the United States. According to statistics from SF State’s Office of International Programs, Chinese

03 Feb 2012

SF State alumni-produced hip-hop show comes to an end

Musicians today rely heavily on the Internet to become the next big thing, but think back to a time when YouTube stars didn’t exist and blogging seemed like a foreign

31 Jan 2012

Students seek faster path to degrees through vocational and trade schools

The rising cost of tuition and the constricted job market have students open to enrolling in alternative institutions, like vocational schools, in hopes of earning a degree. Lisa Westlund, a

09 Dec 2011

SF State students find ways to maneuver around loans

Going to college has never been scarier, but it’s not that hard to please professors or the endless amounts of reading that’s making students squeamish, it’s carrying a huge financial

01 Dec 2011

Student stress peaks during preparation for finals

She hypnotically stares into her MacBook while constructing a book for her design class and unwillingly lending an ear to the professor lecturing about Asian American studies. The MacBook is

18 Nov 2011

Cornel West speaks to rapt audience at CSUEB

Wide-eyed spectators stared intently toward the stage at the man wearing a black three-piece suit, thick black glasses with hair as loud as Don King. On a wet and cold

15 Nov 2011

Older students find a way to fit back into classroom scene

The average educational cycle is thought to be primary school, high school and then straight to college, but for some, returning to college after decades was the best life option.

07 Nov 2011

VIDEO: Jason Manalang's tribute marathons

SF State student Jason Manalang runs marathons in tribute to his father who passed away from cancer. He set a personal goal to run a marathon a month, and in

24 Oct 2011

President Obama's decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq delayed, but welcomed

After nearly nine years of occupying Iraq, President Barack Obama has announced the complete withdrawal of American troops by December. I know what you’re thinking – finally, right? – but

17 Oct 2011

BART service could run later Friday nights, start later Saturday mornings

If BART officials receive positive feedback on a proposed plan to extend station hours Friday night, passengers may be able to actually catch dinner and a movie without having to

17 Oct 2011

Bay Bridge construction to make for safer, prettier commute

The Golden Gate Bridge is considered by most to be San Francisco’s most beautiful landmark, but the neighboring Bay Bridge boasts the most attention with more than 280,000 vehicles traveling

12 Oct 2011

Michelle Le's former boyfriend runs marathons in honor of lost loved ones

EDITOR’S NOTE: Several reader comments have been removed from this story because they were irrelevant to the subject of the article and could be misleading to readers. Jason Manalang is

06 Oct 2011

Young mother juggles school, work and parenthood

Going to school can be difficult with the burden of high tuition costs, long work hours and an endless amount of homework assignments. While most students struggle to carry the

SFSU graduation
21 Sep 2011

More graduates behind or defaulting on student loans

While many college students are rationing their student loans by living on a Top Ramen diet, this may be only the beginning of their financial woes. Students nationwide are having

30 Aug 2011

Taxi fare to increase throughout the city

Finding a taxi cab can be a daunting task that takes a lot patience and, now with a fare increase that was approved Monday, more dollars in your pocket. San