25 May 2013

Ex-heroin addict says farewell to addiction

Everyone got a bronze coin for graduating drug rehab. Well, at least they did at the one I went to. All the ceremonies were the same. The coin is passed

18 May 2013

Past heroin addict tells abscess horror stories

The pain was agonizing. I told the doctor in the emergency room to slice open my thigh and drain the pus. Once he could do that, I would be on

13 May 2013

Bay to Breakers bans backpacks after Boston bombings

When Bay to Breakers officials announced that this year’s race would now include backpacks to its list of banned items, Bob Hearn didn’t mind. The 47-year-old software company CEO wasn’t

12 May 2013

Rediscovering sex on the first stretches of sobriety

Soon after the dope sickness, the anger and the depression, my cravings to use drugs slowly began to disappear. Without drugs and alcohol, I faced a whole new set of

04 May 2013

Ex-addict supports new bill to reduce risk of felony charges

I used to sit in my car listening to the public radio station while I waited for my drug dealer to arrive. Shows like the “BBC News Hour,” “This American

01 May 2013

SF State Muslim community quells media driven stereotypes

Soon after the bombing of the Boston marathon, the world saw gruesome photos of the bombing victims with blast wounds, melted clothing and lost limbs. People wanted to know what

27 Apr 2013

The greatest revelation that beat addiction

This is the final installment of a three-part getting sober series, which explores some of the more memorable moments that led up to my sobriety date, Dec. 19, 2008. It

23 Apr 2013

New LGBTQ safe zones aim to reduce crime, increase security

Tommi Mecca still doesn’t totally trust the police. For years, Mecca said the police harassed him and others for being gay. “I’m 61, and I grew up in a time when we

16 Apr 2013

SF rent resource puts SF State student on the map

SF State student Adam Millman doesn’t work during the school year, relying entirely on his financial aid to pay the bills. The mechanical engineering major said about 60 percent of

15 Apr 2013

Trying sobriety in the trenches of addiction

This is part two of a three-part getting sober series, which explores some of the more memorable moments that led up to my sobriety date, Dec. 19, 2008. As a

13 Apr 2013

The road to sobriety: homelessness versus rehab

This is the first part of a three-part getting sober series, which explores some of the more memorable moments that led up to my sobriety date, Dec. 19, 2008. People

11 Apr 2013

UP2CODE app enables citizens to report violations in SF

The City Attorney’s Office officially jumped on the technology bandwagon when it announced a new smartphone app that allows users to report non-emergency violations directly to code enforcement offices. Officially launched

06 Apr 2013

Serial Inebriate Program arouses ex-addict's concern

When I was in jail, the hardcore drug addicts and alcoholics told me not to accept a drug treatment program in the place of jail. Treatments are a hassle. Do

23 Mar 2013

New laws affect the consequences of calling in an overdose

We were cooking up black tar heroin at his place. It was early in my junkie career and I didn’t yet know how to hit my vein with the needle.

19 Mar 2013

Drug trends evolve at SF State

With midterms approaching, students are advised to study hard and be prepared. “Paul” takes this advice to the extreme. The 21-year-old political science major started stocking up on amphetamine pills

16 Mar 2013

Learning to love through years of addiction

I wanted to begin my new column with a story about injecting heroin into my penis, but my girlfriend, Nicole, warned me it may be too soon. The audience might

13 Mar 2013

SF State struggles to match demand for popular majors

Super seniors aren’t the cool kids on campus, they’re just students who got stuck here, couldn’t get the classes they needed and didn’t graduate on time. An impacted major isn’t

09 Mar 2013

Viral VICE article on Tenderloin drug use elicits criticism, personal narrative

Being a drug addict is the worst. I know. For almost five years I shot heroin every day. I lived the life of a heroin junkie: stealing, lying and doing whatever

26 Feb 2013

California gun ban reality hits target on heated debate

The red light came on at the Coyote Point Shooting Range in San Mateo, Calif. signaling the shooting area was now “hot.” Andy Navarro stepped over the red line, placed

20 Feb 2013

Controversy looms over potential condo conversion law

The flames of discord rage on between homeowner advocates and tenant rights activists over a new law that, if passed, would allow for a onetime citywide increase in the amount

18 Feb 2013

Thousands march in SF against Keystone XL pipeline

[HTML1] Tommy Diestel, a student of Butte College, held a megaphone and led some of the thousands of people who marched near the Embarcadero in San Francisco during a climate

05 Feb 2013

Immigration reform reignites policy discussion

Immigrant rights activist­­ Perla Flores crossed the border unchecked with her parents when she was 8 years old and lived undocumented for years. In 2010, she got her green card,

29 Jan 2013

New drug disposal program aims to cut down pollution, abuse

In response to a mounting body of evidence that says pharmaceutical waste is ending up in our drinking water and polluting the environment, San Francisco has instituted a new program