03 May 2013

Music festivals are not the optimum concert experience

The dust and LSD has finally cleared after two smelly, hippie weekends of Brochella. We have reached that time of year between music festivals. Starting May 8-12, we will have

23 Mar 2013

I'm a hipster and I know it

You can’t do anything without being categorized. If you listen to a certain type of music, wear various clothing articles, enjoy artsy-fartsy films or drink your coffee black, it is

19 Feb 2013

Impacted majors may nearly double at SF State

The path through SF State, from application to graduation, might be getting a little bumpier next year. University administration announced Feb. 19 that it will be proposing the impaction of

13 Feb 2013

The necessary evil that is bandwagoning

Now that the smoke has cleared and the tears are almost dried up from a 49er Super Bowl loss, we can address what no successful sports franchise is without: a

12 Feb 2013

THE SWAMP: 'The Room' Recap

Now that the weekend is over and we all have a case of the Mondays, it is time to reflect on the more enjoyable time that was two days ago.

14 Dec 2012

Campus crime update: A drug bust, bottle smashing and a false alarm

Where da weed at? A verbal altercation broke out at The Village at Centennial Square Dec. 6. Officers responded and approached the squabblers to abate the altercation. Upon further investigation,

04 Dec 2012

Campus crime update: Mall vandals, door sealers and drunken shenanigans

Let’s Go To The Mall…Today! There was a group of subjects that vandalized the Stonestown Galleria Dec. 1. When officers responded, the subjects were detained and told that the Stonestown

29 Nov 2012

Gradspring offers job hunting website for recent college graduates

College graduates have come to understand the stress and competitiveness of the job market all too well, and bridging the gap between college grads and companies has become a job

27 Nov 2012

Campus crime update: A bathroom bandit, a bookstore thief and a stolen vehicle

Urine? You’re out! Officers observed a women’s restroom window that someone had attempted to open in the Gymnasium Nov. 22. After some serious investigating, it was determined that access was

13 Nov 2012

Campus crime update: a lonely knife, a bridge troll and a fashionable car thief

Sharp Things Nov. 9 there was a report of a knife left unattended at the J. Paul Leonard Library. Officers responded and took possession of the knife and marked it

08 Nov 2012

SQE raises awareness about possible Cal State University fee increases

Members of Students for Quality Education gathered at Malcolm X Plaza this afternoon to inform students about the three new proposed fees from the California State University Board of Trustees. The

06 Nov 2012

Campus crime update: a cheaper transport, a crazed ex-boyfriend and a false ID

Medical Assistance Nov. 3 at Cox Stadium, officers responded to a report of a juvenile subject with a laceration on her head. Medics responded and treated the subject, who refused

30 Oct 2012

Campus crime update: shooting hoops, stolen tires and graffiti

Occupy the Basketball Courts Officers approached a subject shooting some sweet hoops after hours in the Gymnasium Oct. 26. The subject became argumentative when asked to leave and to supply

24 Oct 2012

Campus crime update: a damaged guitar, another restroom fire and a would-be purse snatcher

Third Degree Face Melts Officers received reports of a subject who damaged a guitar at the Cesar Chavez Student Center Oct. 19. When officers responded, the owner did not wish

16 Oct 2012

Campus crime update: a shirtless adventure, underage drinking and a stolen backpack

No Shirts, No Shoes, No Facebook Officers received a call about a topless subject using a computer at the HSS Building Oct. 13. When confronted, the subject repeatedly gave incorrect

16 Oct 2012

CALPIRG Energy Service Corp encourages students to make energy pledges

An act as small and seemingly insignificant as turning off the lights before leaving the house could have a bigger impact than students might think. As a joint collaboration between

09 Oct 2012

Campus crime update: an active warrant, a feud and graffiti

Probation Violation Officers spotted a male subject sleeping in the Science Building Oct. 5. and determined that the subject had an active $1,000 warrant out from San Mateo County for

04 Oct 2012

California State University names Timothy P. White as new chancellor

UC Riverside Chancellor Timothy P. White has been named the newest chancellor of the California State University System. Charles B. Reed officially announced his retirement earlier this year in May

03 Oct 2012

Campus crime update: a cited skateboarder, a jaywalker and a litterbug

Skate, Die or Lie While on patrol Sept. 27, officers observed a skateboarder at Burk Lane. Officers made contact with the subject and he was cited. To make matters worse,

02 Oct 2012

VIDEO: SF State Gospel Gators hit high note at choir competition

Still recovering from the excitement after placing second in Verizon’s How Sweet the Sound choir competition, the SF State Gospel Gators gathered at Lakeside Presbyterian Church Oct. 1 to rehearse. The

24 Sep 2012

Campus crime update: A drunken citation, a lost phone and stolen iPad

Punk in Drublic There were reports Sept. 21 of an intoxicated subject at Parkmerced sports bar Park 77. Officers responded and took the subject into custody for public intoxication. Riddle

20 Sep 2012

Why chivalry is obsolete in today's age

Is chivalry dead? Maybe not, but it’s certainly on its deathbed. I’m a cynic and my sarcastic sense of humor has often been cited as rude, but it does make

19 Sep 2012

SF State strives to dispel commuter campus label

When classes end for the day, students are often overwhelmed by an urge to leave campus right away and get home. The sense of urgency these students feel is part of

18 Sep 2012

Campus crime update: reckless party rocking, a missing phone and a security test

Driving Under the Influence of Party Rock On 19th Avenue, Sept. 14, officers conducted a traffic stop and determined a subject was driving under the influence around 3 a.m. While

11 Sep 2012

Campus crime update: a collapsed lung, harassing text messages and a case of alcohol poisoning

Collapsed Lung Diagnosis Sometime in the wee hours between Sept. 5-6, a male SF State student was reported with a collapsed lung at the Student Health Services. Officers responded to

04 Sep 2012

Campus crime update: a stolen CD changer, a drunken scuffle and a burglary

Hide Your Keys, Hide Your Wives Between 8 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., a gentleman reported that his vehicle had been broken into at Lot 20 Aug. 29. The total reported

29 Aug 2012

SF State bookstore makes shift for profit after 58 years

For the first time in 58 years, the SFSU Bookstore has gone from a nonprofit to being managed by Follett Higher Education Group, a family owned corporation. The University will

16 May 2012

Ed Lee to keynote SF State commencement ceremony

Edwin Lee, who became San Francisco’s first elected Asian-American mayor earlier this year, will be the keynote speaker at the SF State commencement ceremony May 19. “The mayor is a strong supporter

14 May 2012

Campus crime update: A convulsion, a seizure, a big fall and a dislocated collarbone

Officers assist convulsing student Officers, along with the San Francisco Fire Department, responded to a subject convulsing at the Towers at Centennial Square May 12 at 11 a.m. The subject