30 Oct 2017

North Bay pets fill animal shelters

Animal shelters in Sonoma and Napa county are flooded with displaced pets due to the recent devastating fires. The fires, which have destroyed an estimated 5,700 buildings, are still not

20 Sep 2017

Pricey commute for North Bay students

For Eden Yohannes, coming to SF State from Petaluma can cost up to $26 a day. She and other students from the North Bay often commute because they cannot afford

18 Sep 2017

Students to rely on tipping to make ends meet

SF State students in the foodservice industry rely on the voluntary, and often paltry, tips people pay in exchange for service to cover the rent. Tipping is a delicate subject

06 Sep 2017

Career Services creates a new way to find a job

Students looking for jobs at SF State have just received a new, streamlined platform to make finding employers easier. The SF State Career Services and Leadership Development, or CSLD, partnered