05 Jun 2016

Podcast: SF State Poetry Center hosts “Kuwentuhan talkstories”

In April a group of diaspora authors met at SF State to talk about language, homeland and cultural heritage. The event was called “Kuwentuhan talkstories,” arranged by the Poetry Center

21 May 2016

Award show celebrates BECA students at SF State

In Studio 1 of the Creative Arts Building at SF State, a group of 40 students run around working like efficient ants. Some are practicing lines from a manuscript, some are

18 May 2016

Exchange life is hard – but gives you so much more than expected!

Before I left Denmark to go on exchange, some Danes said the only pity about me going on exchange to San Francisco was that the city is so similar to Europe.

10 May 2016

For many, the classic idea of the American Dream is unattainable

The American comedian George Carlin once said that the reason it’s called the American Dream is because you have to be asleep to believe it. Looking at modern day America,

26 Apr 2016

Lingering notes of colonialism and homesickness in Poetry Center display

Poet Lehua M. Taitano comes from Guam, an American territory in the Pacific where only parts of the constitution apply. “And it was then that I knew that I was only

19 Apr 2016

Free market system devalues education

After having spent four months at an American university, one of the biggest differences I have noticed is how education here, contrary to Scandinavia, is something you pay for and,

12 Apr 2016

Podcast: Multi-Published author and gay rights activist visits SF State

Sarah Schulman spoke at the Writers on Writing event, Monday, April 4 at SF State to talk about her writing process, her new novel “The Cosmopolitans” and what occupies her in life.

07 Apr 2016

Multi-published author and gay rights activist visits SF State

Sarah Schulman was six years old when she first started putting pen to paper, and has not stopped writing since. At first it was a portrait of the history of

08 Mar 2016

Author and SF State alumna teaches students about writing and handling rejection

When critically acclaimed, bestselling author Jan Ellison was a student at SF State, her professor gave her a piece of advice she said she still remembers today. “The job is not to get

28 Feb 2016

Rock climbing photographer teaches SF State students how to take pictures 80 ft. above the ground

When critically acclaimed photographer Jim Thornburg takes rock climbing pictures, he explained that he has developed a special technique. He hangs in the climbing harness on the rock wall, and with his legs

09 Feb 2016

Black Panthers documentary shines light on social inequality

The line was long, and more than 100 people signed up in advance for the screening of the documentary “The Black Panthers: Vanguard of Revolution” and the subsequent panel discussion