19 May 2011

Brown's tax extensions would prevent 32% tuition increase

Analysis For students who are tired of balancing the high cost of tuition with a Top Ramen diet and massive debt, be prepared — things could get much, much worse.

22 Apr 2011

University implementing college merger July 1

SF State will officially move forward with its college merger July 1, implementing the six-college structure that was approved by a faculty referendum last week. The six colleges are: the

19 Apr 2011

Welcome to capitalism, Cuba

There are few constants in global politics: American imperialism,  Israeli-Palestinian tensions – and the Castro brothers ruling Cuba. The latter, however, may soon change. And for the first time in

18 Apr 2011

Vice President Morishita leaving for Cal State East Bay

Leroy Morishita, SF State’s executive vice president, was appointed interim president of Cal State East Bay today by California State University Chancellor Charles Reed. Morishita will take over at Cal

18 Apr 2011

Students freed from stopped elevator caused by power outage

An unknown number of people are trapped in an elevator in Burk Hall after the power went out across the SF State campus from the Humanities building to Creative Arts.

11 Mar 2011

Twelve SF State students in Japan are OK

Wednesday, March 16 9:10 a.m. The twelve students from SF State who are studying at various institutions in Japan are all alive and doing well, according to an email from

24 Feb 2011

Woman sent to hospital after accident on 19th Avenue

A woman was taken to the hospital this morning after she drove her small-sized pickup truck onto the ramp of a commercial utility truck, causing her vehicle to flip over onto 19th Avenue,

23 Feb 2011

Referendum results released, faculty accepts alternative two

The faculty accepted alternative two of the college merger proposals by a narrow margin while striking down alternatives one and three, bringing to an end the weeklong referendum process. The

22 Feb 2011

State Sen. Leland Yee speaks about Asian-American political prominence

The growing political prominence of Asian Americans in California and the diversity of thought within the community came to the forefront Feb. 22 when SF State Alumnus and State Sen. Leland

21 Feb 2011

Surprise fire drill shakes up Humanities building, tests system

The Humanities building received a late night jolt tonight at 7:30 p.m. when a semiannual fire drill signaled for students and faculty to evacuate the building. To simulate a real