19 Apr 2017

Comics aren’t just for kids

The Salon of Comic and Cartoon Art recently achieved official recognition as a student organization at San Francisco State University in fall of 2016. Working in facilities at SF State, tattooed and

18 Apr 2017

Battle of the bands at SF State

Associated Students of San Francisco State University hosted the battle of the bands in The Depot Tuesday, April 11 as the second event of the 7th annual Rhythms Fusic Festival.

07 Apr 2017

What’s your best kept secret at SF State?

According to the San Francisco State University academic calendar, the University enjoys a total undergraduate enrollment of more than 30,000 students, and every single one of them has at least a

21 Feb 2017

Spoken Poetry Expressed by All Kinds at The Depot

Associated Students of San Francisco State University host S.P.E.A.K. at The Depot. Hip-hop artists, poets, musicians, and anyone willing to take the stage to speak their mind and share their

14 Feb 2017

SF State gets the blues

    Listen carefully and you might hear wailing guitars and soulful harmonicas yearning deep down in an unlikely, hidden pocket of campus. The blues is alive and well at

Illustration by Bersain Gutierrez
25 Jan 2017

Lady and the Trump

Greedy fat cats in wool suits and leather shoes seek to steal a woman’s freedom and claim it’s not her right to choose. No matter who or what you pray

07 May 2016

Rough sixth inning sinks Gators

It’s the top of the sixth. Bases are loaded. Two outs. The count is 0-2. The pitch fires from the mound. CRACK! And the Sonoma Seawolves score a 3-RBI double

03 May 2016

Minimum wage doesn’t mean livable wage

Facebook has recently been riddled with armchair economic experts espousing the cons of raising fast-food employee wages up to $15 an hour. Unfortunately, most of these propositions are littered with misinformation. In

26 Apr 2016

The Depot provides real world experience to aspiring music students

SF State is home to Jazz Night on Tuesday nights. Depot manager Lupita Uribe and Muata Kenyatta, ASI associate director of programs and services, reserve the stage at The Depot

02 Apr 2016

Steeplechase record shattered during Distance Carnival

Supersonic sophomore civil engineering major Adriana Calva shattered school speed records once again at Cox Stadium during the ninth annual SF State Distance Carnival Friday, April 1. After recently destroying

01 Mar 2016

Giving birth is not as romantic as it seems

There’s nothing like having your first child. That being said, modern pop culture would have you believe that birth is a magical passage full of sunshine and rainbows, but everything I

28 Feb 2016

Women’s track and field athletes crack top-10 all-time lists

The SF State women’s track and field team rewrote the University record book during the 2016 Johnny Mathis Invitational at Cox Stadium Saturday, Feb. 27. First, sophomore and civil engineering major

18 Feb 2016

Key win moves women’s basketball into playoff discussion

The Swamp erupted with cheers from the SF State faithful Wednesday night as the SF State women’s basketball team crushed the UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs 75-52 for their fourth straight