11 Dec 2014

Student activists join in on Berkeley protest against police brutality

Nearly 50 SF State students rallied in Malcolm X Plaza Monday before joining a mass march through the streets of Berkeley to protest recent police killings of unarmed black men.

28 Nov 2014

Earlier Black Friday openings push working students’ plans

While most people enjoyed traditional feasts and family gatherings this Thanksgiving, many retail workers had to compromise their plans to work during the Black Friday frenzy. Stores that were previously

Cafe Rosso employees (Left to right) Oday Alsalni, hospitality and tourism major Ally Walker and Qaed Hammad hustle to serve the SF State lunch time rush Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014. Helen Tinna/Xpress.
18 Nov 2014

San Francisco minimum wage increase not applicable to on-campus employers

SF State student and bookstore worker Lindsi Lakatos has worked at the campus bookstore for two and a half years, and has found making ends meet on low wages to

Mayoral canidate Joe Tuman poses for a photograph Monday, Nov. 3, 2014. Martin Bustamante/Xpress.Mayoral canidate Joe Tuman poses for a photograph Monday, Nov. 3, 2014.
11 Nov 2014

Professor juggles workload during bid for Oakland mayor

When professor Joseph “Joe” Tuman gave a lecture on the regulation of Internet content to a packed classroom, he offered no hint that he was also running for mayor of

04 Nov 2014

Measure E: More BS From the BOS

As San Francisco debates important issues like affordable housing and raising minimum wage, the Board of Supervisors is passionately pushing for a sales tax on sugary drinks known as Measure

22 Oct 2014

University debates controversial fees that could begin 2016

SF State students could face a student success fee on top of their tuition starting in 2016 if faculty, administration and the student body can all agree–and the governor is

Mandi Yan (right) poses for a photo next to a MH-60S helicopter during a tour onboard the USS America Monday Oct. 13, 2014.
13 Oct 2014

Civilians get a taste of naval life at annual Fleet Week

A sea of tourists, locals and military personnel crowded The Embarcadero this weekend for Fleet Week, where ship tours and the Blue Angels air show welcomed more than 2,000 military

Speakers gather at SF State to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the Ludlow Massacre, an attack executed by the Colorado National Guard against a camp of unionizing coal miners and their families Friday, Oct. 3, 2014.. Here, Keynote speaker Professor Zeese Papanikolas, an alumni, speaks about why Ludlow still matters today.
06 Oct 2014

Campus members remember those who fought for better work conditions at the Ludlow Massacre 100 years later

The American economy, workforce and labor movement of a century ago were radically different from those of today, but there is at least one parallel: high levels of immigrant workers

01 Oct 2014

AMCHA is too aggressive about anti-Semitism

Last spring, a controversial Santa Cruz-based group called the AMCHA Initiative alerted SF State officials about some threatening Tumblr posts by a then-current student. The posts were genuinely disturbing. In

27 Sep 2014

Christian club loses support and funding from CSU system

The California State University (CSU) system derecognized a campus Christian club and its statewide chapters at the start of the semester on the grounds of religious discrimination, denying them access

Thursday, Sept. 25, Hospitality and tourism major Amanda Hoang decides on a drink between classes at Healthy U in the Cezar Chavez Student Center.
27 Sep 2014

Campus is divided over support of controversial anti-sugar measure

If a tax measure on the November ballot passes, SF State students will soon pay an extra fee for their favorite sugary beverages. Measure E, authored by Supervisor Scott Wiener,

12 Sep 2014

$2.1 million gym renovations invite SF State athletics into the 21st century

Standing at the free-throw line of the basketball court, Don Nasser, the primary funder for renovations to the gym and a University alumnus, could not quite make the shot. President

04 Sep 2014

UPDATE: Student center custodians negotiate reparations with university officials after new contract

Custodians of the Cesar Chavez Student Center presented their case today for larger severance payments to a board of university and Associated Students Inc. representatives, months after they lost seniority

Carlos Rosales a custodian for 22 years at SF State pushes a trash can around the bottom floor of the Cesar Chavez Student Center Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014.
01 Sep 2014

Custodial staff loses benefits and more as a result of student center merger

Despite working on campus for over 30 years, one custodian said he started as a “new employee” July 1 after the University took control of the formerly independent student center,

21 May 2014

The campus welcomes a new interim dean of students following Greenwell’s departure

Mary Ann Begley replaced Joseph Greenwell April 30 as interim dean of students at SF State, a position she will have until a the university finds a permanent dean. As

13 May 2014

University plans to shift ownership of Cesar Chavez Student Center

SF State plans to shift control of the Cesar Chavez Student Center from an independent organization to the university’s corporate entity UCorp starting on June 30, a move that may

13 May 2014

The campus is home to ancient Egyptian mummy, Nes-Per-N-Nub, in ‘Egypt Calls You’ exhibit

A rare ancient Egyptian mummy is on display at the Becker Corona Gallery in the Humanities Building, as part of the “Egypt Calls You” exhibit, that opened April 16 and

29 Apr 2014

Ethnic studies cutbacks protested in campus rally

[HTML1] Ethnic studies may be in danger in California, according to CSU Students for Quality Education. Students and faculty gathered at a rally organized by SQE in front of the

21 Apr 2014

San Franciscan apathy: ignoring homeless men doesn’t fix the problem

Last week, a homeless man in San Francisco agreed to be outfitted with a high tech camera for a day, for the purpose of giving more affluent San Franciscans the

02 Apr 2014

Maintenance vehicle catches fire by Student Services

A firefighter puts out flames in the back of a maintenance vehicle next to SF State’s Student Services building Wednesday, April 2. Photo by Gavin McIntyre / Xpress    A

31 Mar 2014

San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors wants to control your life

The Board of Supervisors is obsessed with every infinitesimal detail of our daily lives, to such an extent that goes beyond their job requirements and into controlling our day-to-day routines. If

14 Mar 2014

ECO Students plans Earthbench by Thorton Hall

SF Lowell Highschool Outdoor Garden Classroom Year of The Water Dragon Earthbench. Started Fall 2012 and finished Spring 2013. Earthbench seats over 35 students and serves as an outdoor classroom

06 Mar 2014

Driver blacks out on Lake Merced Blvd, car overturned

A police officer investigates the scene after a driver blacked out and flipped their car on Lake Merced Boulevard between Font Boulevard and Higuera Street around 2:30 p.m. Thursday, March

04 Mar 2014

City supervisors seek College Democrats’ endorsement

Two San Francisco Supervisors seek student endorsement in their campaign to represent San Francisco in the state Assembly. Both District 3 Supervisor David Chiu and District 9 Supervisor David Campos recently met

21 Feb 2014

“Queer Your Rights” conference educates LGBT students on rights for housing, employment

[set_id=72157641286296534] The Queer Resource Center put on the first “Queer Your Rights” conference last Thursday in the Richard Oakes Multicultural Center. The event was hosted by the Queer Resource Center, in

07 Feb 2014

Gym locker rooms will get a $2.1 million renovation over Summer 2014

The $2.1 million renovations will make improvements to the gym and the 60 year old locker rooms. Photo by Jessica Christian / Xpress   The SF State gymnasium and its locker