10 May 2011

Nancy Hayes to succeed outgoing Morishita

After professor and Vice President of Administration and Finance Dr. Leroy Morishita announced his departure from SF State April 19, the search for his successor has ended — if not

26 Apr 2011

Union-made clothing a novel concept

When college students across the country wear their university-emblazoned apparel, it is a safe bet that many of them don’t think about who sews it together. Maritza Vargas, who has

15 Apr 2011

Fraternity educates campus on AIDS awareness

In 1996, a SF State fraternity created Multicultural AIDS Awareness Day to educate students about the disease. Fifteen years later, AIDS still exists, but the dedication to awareness has made

12 Apr 2011

Tax initiative may decide fate of CSU system

California voters may soon have the opportunity to relieve the burden of the California State University system – or further asphyxiate it. A possible upcoming California special election could cause

28 Mar 2011

Utilities project part of preparation for new performing arts center

Blocked paths, exposed pipes, and ditches have been inconveniencing many students who walk between the Humanities building and the Village at Centennial Square. However, all of the holes and incessant

28 Mar 2011

Dan Savage assures 'It Gets Better'

Dyke. Homo. Faggot. The sharp stings of each single word resonate to create deep emotional scars that can dictate a lifetime. In an effort to ease the pain of homophobic

20 Mar 2011

Protesters demonstrate support for Wikileaks soldier

For the most determined of Bradley Manning’s supporters, nothing will stop their fight to ensure his well-being. A group of demonstrators from various anti-war, peace-seeking groups gathered Sunday at Yerba

20 Mar 2011

'Dance Anywhere' showcases performers with disabilities

A true entertainer is in no need of fancy footwork to achieve a memorable performance. On Friday afternoon, performers across the world celebrated “Dance Anywhere,” a simultaneous, unplanned public performance.

16 Mar 2011

Indigenous gathering honors women, culture

Dressed in traditional regalia, various children got a taste of their heritage Saturday when they accompanied their elders in performing intricate dances and singing as part of a daylong event

09 Mar 2011

Day of (in)Action

March 2, 2011 will most likely be remembered as the ‘Day of Little Action.’ This year’s Day of Action to save public education across California garnered some attention, but did

01 Mar 2011

Arizona reps plead for ethnic studies preservation

In response to a new Arizona House measure effectively banning the programs in its state’s public schools, representatives from the Tucson Unified School District sought solidarity with one of the

23 Feb 2011

VIDEO: Sex educator advocates pleasure in all forms (NSFW-ish)

Dildos, anal beads(NSFW), and fleshlights(NSFW) replaced textbooks, binders and planners at the Got Sex Toys? workshop where students learned the ins and outs of self-pleasure and proper sex toy utilization.

14 Feb 2011

A second Iran in the making or something better?

Former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak’s monumental decision to relinquish his 30 years of dictatorial power on Feb. 11 is bigger than you may think. In the world’s most volatile region,

09 Feb 2011

Project Rebound aims to assist recently released inmates in educational endeavors

A prison record is a blemish for anyone, but for participants in Project Rebound, the path to a better life starts at SF State. Project Rebound, a branch of Associated

07 Feb 2011

Developmentally disabled given opportunity to showcase work

The 57th Street Gallery in Oakland opened its doors for a night of diverse artists and incomparable pieces crafted by the clients of East Bay Innovations, a San Leandro-based non-profit

26 Jan 2011

Free tax help to be offered to students and faculty next week

In light of the upcoming tax season, students and faculty who earn less than $49,000 annually can have their tax returns done for free. The SF State chapter of the Volunteer

22 Jan 2011

Life with debt is better than life with no degree

Welcome to another semester at SF State. Only this time, the typical dread of ending the month-long winter holiday and going back to school should be the least of your