18 May 2016

I rushed through college and I regret it

I may be a part of a small minority, but I don’t exactly want to graduate just yet. I spent my first year or so at SF State planning my

03 May 2016

Student’s designs take the runway in ‘Emerge’

Models glided down the runway as onlookers sipped champagne, eyes drawn to the work being showcased by SF State’s apparel design and merchandising students in the elegant setting of the

02 May 2016

Aerial dance celebrates 30th anniversary of Labor Archives and Research Center

Students stopped in their tracks, eyes fixated upward on the harnessed dancers cascading down the outside of J. Paul Leonard Library. The dancers moved as one with vintage dresses as

23 Feb 2016

Faculty showcase personal stories through artwork in student-run exhibit

The Fine Arts Gallery was bustling Tuesday night, with faculty and student conversations echoing throughout the large room. The white walls were well-lit, highlighting the faculty members’ artwork while students