16 May 2012

Club Six showcases interactive art show "So You Think You Can Paint?"

Geordan Mallory didn’t come to Club Six for just drinks when she and her friend got paint smeared on their clothes while creating a surreal portrait of a dinosaur and

09 May 2012

St. Luke's Episcopal Church hosts weekly Sunday Night Mic event

On Sunday mornings, the large wooden doors of the St. Luke’s Espiscopal Church open for their Holy Eucharist and worship with Rector Dana Corsello. But, on Sunday nights, they open for

01 May 2012

SF State's Runway 2012 fashion show showcases secondhand clothing

Armed with scissors, pins and sewing machines, students in the Advanced Apparel Design Problems class transformed clothing they found at a Goodwill store into new and trendy outfits that will

25 Apr 2012

ASI-sponsored Rhythms Music Festival kicks off tomorrow in the Annex

It all started as a joke three years ago. When one SF State student should have been studying, he instead made a Facebook group titled “If 15,000 people join this

19 Apr 2012

"CockTales" facilitates open expression of masculinity and fatherhood

In Latin cultures, machismo is defined by pride, physical strength and power, but 22-year-old Abel Gomez Jr. takes pride in something else: his queer identity. It wasn’t always this way,

09 Apr 2012

Sf State theatre arts extends annual One-Act Fringe Festival

Most playwriting students at SF State never get to see their creations come to life on stage with actors, design or sound. This is exactly why Roy Conboy, head of

04 Apr 2012

PHOTOS: SF State poetry organization creates room for student expression

[HTML1] For junior Imani Cezanne, writing poetry is like saying a prayer. She likes it to be completely silent, so she can feel the words come to her as she

20 Mar 2012

San Francisco's St. Patrick's Day Parade celebrates 161 years and attracts thousands

Whether it was the fear of being pinched or the pure spirit of Irish culture, hundreds of people gathered alongside the streets of downtown San Francisco adorned in green feathered

20 Mar 2012

Disposable Film Festival celebrates innovative filmmaking for fifth year running

In 2005, CVS drugs stores released a disposable video camera. The small one-time-use device cost $30, and could shoot 20 minutes of standard quality film. Afterward it would be returned

13 Mar 2012

"Straight Outta Hunters Point" sequel highlights neighborhood issues, changes

Kevin Epps grew up in the West Point projects of Hunter’s Point. As a kid he would look out his window at the spectacular view of the Bay Bridge and

07 Mar 2012

Oscar-winning alumnus attributes success to SF State cinema department

This golden knight holds the sword of a crusader, stands at 13.5 inches tall and weighs 8.5 pounds. His name is Oscar. For SF State alumus Ethan Van der Ryn,

01 Mar 2012

Day of Action at SF State dampened by bad weather

A low turnout and rainy weather brought gloom to SF State on Thurday’s walkout as a part of the national Day of Action for Education. Despite many flyers posted throughout

24 Feb 2012

Bad Movie Night in the Mission showcases examples of terrible filmmaking

Predictable plots, lousy special effects and obvious overacting are just three of many elements that make for a waste of money at the movie theaters. But at The Dark Room,

15 Feb 2012

VIDEO, PHOTOS: Valentine's Day pillow fight sends singles and couples swinging in the name of love

Valentine’s Day is about more than kissing, teddy bears, heart-shaped boxes of candy and sappy love songs. Here in San Francisco it’s about smashing strangers in the face. The weapons

31 Jan 2012

SF State theater group puts modern twist on biblical story in "The Last Days of Judas Iscariot"

It’s a story of biblical proportions. The trial of the ultimate betrayal. Judas Iscariot, the apostle of Jesus Christ, went down in history as the disciple who turned in his soon-to-be

30 Jan 2012

SF State student and alums Do It Live!

Commitment, hard work and friendship are three of the elements that helped one SF State student and two alumni create and maintain their own theater company a year ago, Do

13 Dec 2011

Trust a dominating force in BDSM relationships

Trust is the foundation of any relationship, especially one that involve whips, handcuffs and choking. BDSM stands for bondage and discipline, domination and submission, and sadism and masochism. It is

08 Dec 2011

Abstinence an option for some SF State students

Five years after they started dating in their senior year of high school, SF State graduate student Alyssa Palfreyman had sex with her husband Sam for the first time. Waiting

13 Nov 2011

Friends with benefits: unlike movies, can be complicated

In a poster for the movie “No Strings Attached,” Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher smile at each other while putting their clothes back on in a disheveled bedroom; the tagline

09 Nov 2011

Egg donation: keep your eggs in your basket

Got eggs to spare? Because with a price tag of $5,000 for a few eggs, a woman’s ovaries may seem like a gold mine. Egg donation centers have been targeting

08 Nov 2011

Designated smoking areas at SF State become social hub for smokers

Students show up to the two designated smoking areas of State Drive in small waves, chatting, mingling and lighting one another’s cigarettes. The smell of smoke lingers, isolating the smokers from the rest

04 Nov 2011

Long-distance relationships: Overcoming difficulties

Holding hands, kissing and going out on dates are all typical ways to showing affection when in a relationship, but these kinds of intimate interactions can be difficult when your

18 Oct 2011

Breaking up online: how social media can affect the end of a relationship

Relationship status: Heartbroken. Ending a relationship is hard enough, but in the digital age, things have become more complicated with social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr changing the

11 Oct 2011

VIDEO: What gets you stressed and how do you cope?

Students are no strangers to stress. With work, school, finances and family to worry about, stress tends to be an unwelcome presence in many students’ lives. But how should they

11 Oct 2011

LGBT conference aims to uplift transgendered community at SF State

If you look at the concept of gender through black and white lenses, you’re missing out on the colorful array of ways to understand and express identity. Although SF State

03 Oct 2011

SF State fashion: the latest looks from thrift stores, H&M, Urban Outfitters and more

Nathalie Donche,21, Communications, Jr. Donche likes to keep her style simple and put together, with a sprinkle of bohemian. She likes to shop at Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters but

20 Sep 2011

SF State recognized by Princeton Review for being green

The multiple tricolored disposal bins, the lingering aroma of organic coffee and the light breeze of passing bicyclists in clearly-marked bike lanes do more than create a picturesque scene of

12 Sep 2011

New Parents Council intended to keep parents of SF State students in the loop

SF State has always been a melting pot of students, professors, administrators and other faculty members. As of this semester, we now add parents into the mix. The Parents Council

02 Sep 2011

Facebook a safer, more effective tool for finding roommates than Craigslist

Roommates–you either love them or you hate them. In the two years I’ve lived in San Francisco I’ve had nine roommates and I found the majority of them through Craigslist.

13 Apr 2011

VIDEO: SF State Students talk masculinity in "Cocktales"

Personal stories of experiences and challenges with masculinity were among the many topics discussed at the third annual Cocktales event at SF State, hosted by campus prevention programs in hopes

17 Mar 2011

International Women's Day celebration brings discussion of oppression

“Power to the Pussy!” Seven women clad in matching pink shirts and berets chanted on stage at SF State’s Knuth Hall March 10, as they demanded a revolution in name

08 Mar 2011

VIDEO: Madamn Burnz host 'Really Raw as flux', an aerial acrobatic and raw food show

Flashing lights and psychedelic rock music set the scene at the Jellyfish Gallery Thursday, Feb. 24, for the aerial silk and fire eating performance by Madamn Burnz and her students

22 Feb 2011

Cee Lo's tribute to Elton John fails to impress

Cee Lo Green joined forces with Gwyneth Paltrow and a band of Muppets for a performance inspired by Elton John circa 1977 at this year’s 53rd Annual Grammy Awards. This odd

11 Feb 2011

Parkmerced redevelopment plans substantial growth

San Francisco’s Planning Commission held a special meeting Thursday night to discuss Parkmerced Investors’ $1.2 billion redevelopment project of the Parkmerced neighborhood. The project includes the construction of 5,679 new

03 Feb 2011

VIDEO: Food trucks serve up artisan eats in SF South of Market

Multimedia producer Devery Sheffer goes behind the scenes to get the scoop on the SoMa Off the Grid.