17 Nov 2015

Volleyball seniors dominate in last home game

With bouquets in hand and tears streaming down their faces, three graduating seniors on SF State’s volleyball team took to the Swamp Gymnasium for their final home game last week.

10 Nov 2015

Secret love affairs: sexy or detrimental?

I’ve never dated a married man, but I imagine it feels a lot like dating someone who is in the closet. Coming into one’s own sexuality can be a beautiful

28 Oct 2015

Queering the Castro brings stories of Intimacy into public spaces

What is the purpose of spoken word or performance art? For some, performance art serves as a tool to merely express their frustrations. For the queer, trans, people of color participating

07 Oct 2015

Female masturbation isn’t a sin; it empowers women

The girls I’ve befriended over the years discuss practically every detail about their sex lives. They compare the size of their boyfriend’s penises, the number of partners they’ve slept with, who

29 Sep 2015

“Ask First” campaign educates BDSM kinksters about consent at Folsom Street Fair

Dressed in black and gold ruffled panties, thigh-high stockings and pink sequined nipple pasties, Maxine Holloway said she was tingling with excitement at the thought of being surrounded by thousands

16 Sep 2015

Queer community calls for safe spaces

When the new assistant director for SF State’s Queer Resource Center from University of California, Davis, she expected to see a lot more support for queer and trans students than what

01 Sep 2015

Free The Nipple Campaign: A breast bearing fight for equality

I posted a topless photo of myself on various social media platforms over the weekend– not because I was seeking attention, but because I was trying to prove a point. First, I freed the

13 May 2015

Rainbow Floor: A dorm environment aimed at community

Hallways decorated in brightly colored murals and LGBT artwork is what University Park North Area Coordinator Paul Renolis said he envisions for the future of the Rainbow Floor he helped

13 May 2015

Sexual orientation more than just a label

Recently I discussed the concept of sexuality with one of my classmates and when she asked me to define my own sexual orientation, like many of my friends have done in

06 May 2015

Mobile app finds gender-neutral bathrooms for nonconforming people

Click through the above image to see where gender-neutral bathrooms are located on campus.  Data collected from sfsu.edu (Produced by Eva Barragan). Deciding which restroom to walk into isn’t normally

28 Apr 2015

Students strut in heels to raise awareness for sexual violence

The men of on-campus Latino organization Hermanos Unidos ditched their sneakers and strapped on high heels to help raise awareness for survivors of sexual assault during the Walk In Their

28 Apr 2015

Egg donation holds more value than just money

I always thought women who sold their eggs for money were only characters in Lifetime movies or weird 20-something college dropouts trying to make a quick buck. A few months ago, however, a

22 Apr 2015

CockTales promotes student discussion on gender through performance

Before being diagnosed with the painful musculoskeletal condition Fibromyalgia halfway through his sophomore year of college, 24-year-old Nathan Barone associated being a man with his ability to play sports. “It forced me

14 Apr 2015

Trans activist uses life story and music to educate public

During an open mic night performance, singer-songwriter Ryan Otto Cassata exuded a confident demeanor that he said has been the key to his national recognition as a civil rights activist in

18 Mar 2015

HIV survivor shares personal story in hopes to educate

When Gladys “Gizzy” Somarriba found out she tested positive for HIV in January of 2013, she immediately worried about what her family would think of her. “I told my mom

12 Mar 2015

Students respond to 50 Shades of Grey hype

For SF State freshman Ariana Fletcher, bondage/discipline/sadism/masochism is more than a trend brought on by the new film “Fifty Shades of Grey”. BDSM is her sex life. Though the controversial

25 Feb 2015

Students utilize social apps to look for love

Cassidy Napolitano knew that when she started using the well-known dating app, Tinder, it would be an interesting experience, but in an age where the average person spends 162 minutes on their mobile

10 Feb 2015

It is more about the gifts than the love for Valentine’s Day

For those who are single, Valentine’s Day may not mean much. It acts only as a reminder that there is no “special someone” to present you with extravagant gifts. I suppose in some