VIDEO: Lalo Gonzalez occupies SF State

December 14, 2011 News

In recent months, as the Occupy movement spread across the nation and world, thousands of people have become supporters or participants of protests and marches against corporate greed. SF State criminal and justice major, Lalo Gonzalez, became involved with the Occupy movement in San Francisco shortly after it all began in late September. A long ...

PHOTOS: Demonstrators against the Afghanistan war join Occupy SF

October 11, 2011

Several hundred protesters against the Afghanistan war rallied alongside Occupy SF protesters on Friday to mark the 10th anniversary of the war. The two groups of demonstrators each held their own events until they merged in front of the Federal Reserve Bank where they occupied the street for about an hour and a half.

PHOTOS: Festival de las Americas celebrates Latin American independence

September 15, 2011

        Colorful banners and vibrant displays of culture decorated Malcolm X Plaza Sept. 14 in celebration of various independence days for Latin American countries. The Festival de las Americas, put on by La Raza Student Organization, included dancing, contests, music and food from countries celebrating their independence.