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[slickr-flickr tag="moving" type="slideshow" size="m640" options="autoplay:5000"; captions="off"; imageCrop:true; carousel:true; transitionSpeed:2000; transition:fadeslide" sets="72157627350508993" id="58775291@N04"] Students return to campus for the Fall 2011 semester despite increased tuition and book prices. This week saw an increase in traffic both on the road and at the dorms and usual early-semester stops.

[slickr-flickr tag="barber of seville" type="slideshow" size="m640" options="autoplay:5000"; align="center"; captions="off"; imageCrop:true; carousel:true; transitionSpeed:2000; transition:fadeslide" id="58775291@N04"] The SF State theatre arts department kicks off the Fall 2011 semester with the debut of "The Barber of Seville," which premiered Thursday, Aug. 18 and runs until Saturday, Aug. 27.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LkWOs_vnV8[/youtube] SF State students in the Ballet 3 class continue their classes despite blackouts and poor weather conditions that plagued the manic Monday of April 18. For more coverage of the SF State blackout and Earthquake that struck Pacifica, follow [X]Press on all our media sites: http://goldengatexpress.com http://twitter.com/XPressNews http://facebook.com/GoXpress

[caption id="attachment_673" align="aligncenter" width="512" caption="Volunteer Rajesh Parekh and David Nakanishi walk around the Tenderloin on Jan. 27, counting possible homeless people around. The citywide homeless count will help bring future federal funds to San Francisco. Erik Verduzco | staff photographer"][/caption] San Francisco conducted its citywide homeless