11 Dec 2012

Biomechanics could provide athletes better understanding of body movement

Swimmers of a young age are thrust into the water to learn a challenging technique: the breaststroke. Only after years and years of professional training does a swimmer become polished

02 Dec 2012

Women's basketball breaks Cal State Monterey Bay Otters' winning streak

The Gators beat the odds today as they struck down the Cal State Monterey Bay Otters’ undefeated record after beating them 49-38. Although they allowed the Otters to have a

01 Dec 2012

Women's basketball loses to Cal State East Bay Pioneers 38-46

The rainy weather dampened more than just the ground as the Gators lost their third conference game of the season, 38-46, to the Cal State East Bay Pioneers. After scoring

28 Nov 2012

Students partake in yoga to relieve end-of-semester stress

Deep breathing, a long stretch and a well-earned “namaste” can do wonders for a person’s mental outlook. With finals looming, some SF State students have found a way to relieve

14 Nov 2012

Incoming CSU chancellor requests 10 percent pay cut from Board of Trustees

In a surprise move today, incoming CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White, requested that the CSU Board of Trustees reduce his state-funded salary by 10 percent. “Despite the passage of Proposition 30,

13 Nov 2012

VIDEO: Faculty and staff strike up lively competition at monthly bowling league

It requires a strong wrist, careful footing and precise aim to bombard a set of 10 blocks of maple wood with a 16-pound sphere to obtain a strike. Once a

04 Nov 2012

Men's wrestling preseason starts strong at under-21 college open

The Gators opened the preseason on high notes as seven team members placed within the top four in their weight class at the annual Under-21 JC/College Open at The Swamp. [HTML1]

03 Nov 2012

Men's wrestling launches season with lively Alumni Match

Gator wrestlers reunited with alumni as they dueled in three playful matches in the 43rd annual Alumni Match and banquet earlier this afternoon. Junior Thomas Martin said this event is

31 Oct 2012

Teams engage in spirited competition at Costume Dodgeball Tournament

There’s only one place where you’ll find Mario, Luigi, a team of Los Nachos wrestlers and other unique characters battling it out on the court for the championship title: at

31 Oct 2012

Kinesiology athletes apply knowledge on sports field

Running at full speed, the opposing team’s forwards advance toward the goal, flawlessly weaving around defenders. As the final seconds of the game wind down, a forward takes her last

28 Oct 2012

Gator women's soccer caps season with 0-0 draw against Cal State Dominguez Hills

The Gators put out everything they had in their last game of the season, pulling through with a 0-0 tie with the Cal State Dominguez Hills Toros. Both teams kept

26 Oct 2012

Gator women's soccer scrapes 1-1 draw against Cal State LA

Long shadows cast over Cox Stadium as the Gators came out with a 1-1 draw against the Cal State Los Angeles Golden Eagles in an intense double overtime match. The

23 Oct 2012

PREVIEW: Gator women's basketball strikes back with new season

With ball in hand, chemistry clicking, adrenaline pumping and eyes on the hoop, the Gators prepare to wipe away the memories of last year’s disappointing 20-loss season with replenished ambition and a

23 Oct 2012

PHOTOS: Fans celebrate Giants win at The Depot

As the victory rain poured down at AT&T Park, SF State fans gathered at The Depot to witness the 2012 Giants clinch their way to the World Series. The 9-0 win

21 Oct 2012

Gator women's soccer flounders against Cal Poly Pomona in 0-2 loss

Unable to successfully follow Friday’s victory over Cal State Monterey Bay, the Gators came out today with a 0-2 loss against the Cal Poly Pomona Broncos. The Gators were hit

19 Oct 2012

PHOTOS: Gator women's soccer secures win against Cal State Monterey Bay 2-0

After returning home from being on the road for five games, the Gators won their fourth conference game 2-0 in an aggressive match against the Cal State Monterey Bay Otters. “It does

10 Oct 2012

VIDEO: Zumba fitness class heats up SF State

If kicking and punching the air to upbeat music or robotically stepping up and down a portable plastic step doesn’t sound like an enjoyable workout plan, why not stay in

29 Sep 2012

PHOTOS: Gator women's soccer pulls out win against Cal State East Bay in foul-filled game

The Gators broke through with a 2-1 win after a physically intense gantlet of a match against the Cal State East Bay Pioneers. Athletes on both teams collided, pushed and fell

23 Sep 2012

PHOTOS: UCSD women's soccer sneaks 0-1 win against SF State

SF State’s women’s soccer team lost in a nail-biting game against the UC San Diego Tritons 0-1. Despite their tough loss, the Gators forced the undefeated Tritons to work for their win

21 Sep 2012

SF State women's soccer chomps Cal State San Bernardino in 2-1 win

The women’s soccer team grabbed a win in a rematch game against the Cal State San Bernardino Coyotes. The Gators left the game in a 2-1 victory over the Coyotes,

19 Sep 2012

SF State president Leslie E. Wong advocates for stronger focus on student athletics

Former University President Robert A. Corrigan was rarely seen at any Gator practices. He barely attended any games. This president will. Among many other things on his agenda, SF State’s new

16 Sep 2012

SF State men's soccer wins first game of season with shutout against Cal Maritime

For the Gators, Sunday’s men’s soccer game was a day of many firsts, including their first win of the season. The Gators shutout the Cal Maritime Keelhauers 6-0. Of the six

14 Sep 2012

SF State VP of student affairs and dean of students Penny Saffold retires

UPDATE 7:30 p.m., Sept. 17: SF State president Leslie E. Wong said Volkert is a dependable person to fill in for Saffold’s position. “All are in agreement that Dr. Jo

07 Sep 2012

Chickenpox vaccinations now offered at SF State's Student Health Services

In response to the chickenpox outbreak on campus Sept. 1, the Student Health Services held special immunization times to administer the chickenpox vaccine at SF State. According to Alastair Smith, director of Student

05 Sep 2012

PHOTOS: SF State men's soccer loses second game to Academy of Art

The Gators stomached yet another loss this season after Academy of Art University’s senior forward, Grimur Grimsson, scored the winning goal with only 40 seconds left in the game, bringing

05 Sep 2012

SF State sports fields get much needed makeovers

Student athletes no longer need to worry about lumpy fields, tall forest-like grass or surprise water puddles. Starting this season, athletes will have the satisfaction of playing on well-kept fields